The sumar treasure.

The first thing I see this morning when I enter the room, immediately puts a smile on my face.

“Thank you, “just any treasure, “for the summer flowers.”

I start up my PC in the nearby room, leave the door open, so I can occasionally take a look at the forest so that my cheerful mood doesn't drop too quickly.

A pop-up appears at the bottom left of my screen. That's weird. Normally these messages always appear in the lower right corner of the screen.

Please note: last day you can use the miracle bottle!

A la minute I leave everything I intended to rest and clutter on my desk until I find the so-called miracle thing.

It's just a small bottle. Very carefully I turn the cap off and POEF a tiny speech balloon forms.There's one little wish left.

Immediately I think of the flowers. “I wish there were more people listening to the summer treasure and...”

Before I could finish my sentence, the little balloon solves in nothing. Well, the miracle bottle will have enough half sentences. I shrug my shoulders and proceed to the order of the day.

How was that supposed to be, video calling through the computer? Oh yes, the camera is turned on, send an invitation and then after a while a dog comes in the picture. Ah, there he is.

'Hai Annie! Thanks for the flowers.”


“I'm sorry I didn't have time to virtually come to dust the place last week.”

“Wrrraf waf grrrr.”

I told you I was sorry, didn't I?

“Woof, wag!”

'What is Chantal standing there in the background for violent gestures? Will you point the microphone at her so I can hear what she has to say?”

“Waf kef.”

“Thank you, Annie.”

'That crap, I'm so tired, I'm tired of it, everyone always comes up with shit solutions for that poke band! They can all put my back on, anything, anyone...”

Before I can give her any warning, from nowhere, masses of people and all sorts of things are coming at her. The cries for help do not help her, the wish has been too short. Poor Chantal, it's too much, her back breaks and the au au au au echoes in my ears for a long time.

My only hope is that soon there will be another opportunity for me to make up for my mistaken wish so carelessly expressed.