Dear everyone,

I've been noticing it for a while: my audience doesn't seem to be active on Yoors or just doesn't realize that this energetic Enna exists;)

That's why I've decided not to post on Yoors for now.
Creating and creating cartoons on a daily basis takes a lot of time and energy (some posts clearly showed the stages needed to arrive at a final tinted and sometimes even watered version).

As soon as a publisher or a digital platform is interested to hire me (freelance), I will definitely let you know and Enna is reborn! ;)

There were still many unfinished designs (some of which already worked out) ready and even a rough sketch for a special drawing for my top supporters (with this: thank you Henkjan, Tarita and Babita, I really appreciate your support! Life is not easy as a starting artist and you were the bright spot in these dark times!)

Don't worry: the posted Ennagags will remain available just like... myself! #werkzoekend ;)

The moral of this story: being able to do something is one thing, letting people know that you exist is a completely different, but fortunately not impossible, story!

In any case, this story has not ended, but it has been interrupted indefinitely.

Greetings from Enna, the cartoonist

p.s never forget: whoever banishes the laughs, kills his heart!

A final deep bow of all my hashtags:
#afscheid #humor #gag #comics #strips #cartoons #art #illustratie #kunst #artwork #gag #cartoons #tekenaar #inkt #strip #comics #tekening #drawing #kunstenaar #artist #indianink #illustration

The (temporary) stop: