The Three Little Pigs

#history Once upon a time there was a rural area beyond the forest in which there were 3 little pigs, one with a house which was made of straw, another made of wood and the last one made of brick, they all lived happily until the day came when a big and ferocious wolf came to try to eat them, in it he arrives and says to the first little pig that there will be the door, this one I said no! and the wolf proceeds to blow and solar until the piglet's house disappeared, Then the house comes and goes like the little pig Then the wolf says again! there will be the door they say no! until the wolf blows and blows and the house goes down they run to the piggy's brick house they enter the wolf makes his request they say no and he proceeds to blow, blow and blow until he can't, Then he tries through the chimney and ends up burned! then the wolf leaves and the little pigs are safe
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