The true meaning of the word Migrant.


What is a migrant?

We have the idea that a migrant is a person who leaves the place where he lives and leaves for another destination, other than his origin.

But today I have another perspective on what it is to be a migrant.

For me, being a migrant means leaving the nest where for many years you watched your parents watch over you, you leave that home where they miss you and your family mourns because even though you haven't died, a chair is empty on the table, a room is full of absence and Christmas is no longer the same.

You leave, and with you take your clothes in your suitcase and memories in your heart, a heart full of despair for not knowing if you will return.

On the way to your destination, you think and think. Wanting to return home, but everything is done.

Birthdays, Christmas and New Year arrive and look forward to that meeting via telephone, through a screen, you think you are happy, but in reality you only pretend to be because you really want to see and hug yours face to face.

Many have made the hard decision to leave, in order to find better possibilities, and that is fine; however, it is still a sad event.

Migration is for the brave of heart! only a brave man is able to part with his own. . .

Dedicated to all Venezuelan migrants and the world!

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