While I was grocery shopping yesterday after dinner, I noticed that many teenagers and young adults were working at the store. It made me happy to see them taking their job seriously, as it is (for me) a positive sign of planning for their future. 

"So this is the first group," I found myself thinking. "They are the ones with the chance of succeeding in life."

After finishing the shopping, I walked back home, and along the way, I saw and heard some teenagers and young adults on bikes or mopeds, screaming and being rowdy.

"This is the second group," I thought to myself. 

The "second group" are the ones who do not take things seriously, and many of them will not have any work experience until they are 18 years old, with no other option but to work. 

While some of them may wake up in time and build a good future for themselves, the majority will not, which is unfortunate to see, but it is a reality that I have seen over and over again.

There are times when I wish that I could advice those teenagers/young adults to change their ways before it's too late to change paths. But, I know they won't listen. 

I am telling myself that we all have our own path to follow and that's it. But it's hard sometimes to see the youngsters ruining their lives when they have so much to offer.

I do hope of course that I have wrong and that both groups have equal chances in life. 

But when you live in a village like ours you have to be prepared to fight, to get anywhere. And not everyone has what it takes for the fight.

The two groups