The Value of Time: A Tribute to the Past

As the creator of this thought-provoking and touching song for both me and others, I'd like to share it.

This song is not just a song, it is my personal creation that I wrote and sang for the residents of Maartenshof in Sint Maartensdijk. It is a song that looks back on the old days and at the same time has a message for the future. A message that talks about the value of the simplicity of the past and the importance of being there for each other in today's times. My song talks about nostalgia and change, about memories and reflections, about the meaning of time and the search for what has been lost. In short, this song is an expression of my personal feelings, I hope it will inspire and move others.

Old time

It's not always easy to be a parent.
It's not always easy, thoughts sometimes hurt.

To that time, those old days, when a child is still playing in the street.
Yes, that time, old time, you're getting older, it's getting late.

It's not always easy, time goes by so fast.
The “good” old days are really not coming back.

Yes, those old days, hard work, little money.
Yes, that time, those old days, I sometimes think about back then.

I sometimes think about back then, no laptop or mobile.
Then there was no panic when the power went out.

But look now, they don't have time, haven't they learned anything.
From that time, that old time, it wasn't so wrong.
Yes, that time, those old days, really weren't that wrong.

I wasn't there, it wasn't my time back then.
Yet today, I miss what you saw in the past.

Yes, that time, there was time to be there for each other.
Yes, that time, those old days, it was really nice, wasn't it.
At that time, those old days, it was really nice.

by: A Voice of Thoughts

Tags: #formerly #elderly #past #heed #overlook #heimwee #nostalgia