The Video That Left Everyone Speechless

'The Video That Left Everyone Speechless' shows how we people of today have forgotten that nothing is self-evident and not everything will remain as it is. It shows that most people are in their own bubble, only care about their own little world.

That we can enjoy nature, but that we do nothing to keep nature clean and up or improve. That we do not, or hardly, think of people who are less well, let alone do something for them. That we waste food and pollute our environment, as if that's the most normal thing in the world.

That a lot of people find their likes on their internet accounts more important than the appreciation of someone in real life. And that social contacts nowadays are more digital than you regularly have a good conversation with a person sitting across the street, that you have the full attention of your company.

Modern life has slowly crept in. You go to school where you're taught to fit into society, what you're supposed to do and what isn't, that you have to be the same as all those other people. Then you will work where you can put the learned into practice. Walk in the beat. Do what you're told. No input of your own, but walk along with the masses. In the evening you hang in front of the tube for your daily session brainwashing through the media. And when you're old, you die.

That's how things have been going on for years, but now that everyone has access to the Internet everywhere, the last piece of social contact with other people has been kept to a minimum. Look around you when you walk on the street. How many people are not looking forward to what they have in their hands, to the digital outside world and their digital contacts, an ingenious piece of electronics wrapped in plastic. Look at people who sit 'cozy' together on a terrace. How many of these people look at each other and have a conversation instead of being too busy on social media. Is this life?

Have you achieved anything when your life ends? Have you done anything for other people, animals, nature, for our offspring? For Mother Earth? Or is the number of followers and likes on social media the only thing that matters?

Monique (09/03/2020)