The Waters of Moses

#travel The Waters of Moses: A Tropical Oasis.
It is a pleasant wildlife refuge made by the hand of God and modified by the hand of man for the enjoyment of tourists. The resort is an oasis made up of 12 tributary pools of celestial blue hot springs, white sand and mud with healing properties, surrounded by olive green gardens and multi-colored flowers. These lagoons are made up of waters that come from wells with crystalline sulfur, in them decant large amounts of medicinal mud with high content of calcium, sulfur, potassium and with ideal temperature for swimming and playing in the water. They have several waterfalls that adorn them, palm trees and an atmosphere saturated with tropical and pharaonic elements that make up a very special idyllic panorama.

Most of its visitors usually come for health reasons, as their waters have healing properties. The waters that nourish and maintain these wells are from springs filled with salts and minerals giving them great therapeutic properties; in addition to the great clay originated by its sediments, making it an excellent alternative for all those physical ailments such as arthritis, rheumas, osteoporosis and even works as a fantastic beauty treatment for all skin giving it an impressive shine, softness and rejuvenation.