The Witcher

I had been hearing about this series for many years and I finally dared to watch its first season when fortunately the second season is close.

It is about the story of Geral and Cury, both are united by destiny, what captivates me is that the story is told through flash back and each chapter is a new adventure. #reviewed

Character that captivated me Jenneffer that woman is surprising.

In order to better understand the story, I need to inquire more about it, since before the series there is a series of books where much more detail is told about the history and importance of Ciry in all this. There is even a video game of this story that I don't know yet but I know I'll get to the.

He also has a film where the protagonist is Vesemir who raised and cared for witch children and turned them into what they are today (The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf), but I'll talk about this in another post.

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