The Zuliana Bagpipe

Although it has no musical similarity with the well-known bagpipes, for example the Scottish one... we call them Gaita... it is cultural heritage of Venezuela, born in the Zulia... Western State of the country... It is a musical genre related to decembrine traditions... since it is the time where you hear the most... starts a few months before November where gives the fair of the patron saint of Zulia... the virgin of Chiquinquirá, where she is sung with devotion to it... the themes touched in the gita range from devotion to China (the virgin)... love... dislove and even the gaita itself... but above all are known the issues of denunciation to the government or politics... to declare disconformity... such is the popularity of the genre that gave rise to the name of the Basketball group of this state... Gaiteros del Zulia.