Theme Jip and Janneke inspiration

Jip and Jannekeis a children's book that appeals to many children. Writer Annie M.G. Schmidt,and illustratorFiep Westendorpmade a lot of these nice books.
The book consists of compact stories that always create a beautifulmoralityhave. Children will soon find recognition in it. The theme Jip and Janneke is often applied to schools and also to childcare. (and at home!)

The story is about Jip and Janneke who experience all kinds of adventures inside and outside. In the story his petTakkie{dachshund} and- Siepie. - Yeah{cat} also from the party. Jip and Janneke stories revolves around the friendship between these two and their pet friends.

To tell the storyinteractive,you also tinker in this theme. It gives the opportunity to,for example,replay the story. Thus,a story begins to “live” more and a story gets more image for children. This stimulates theirfantasy,language comprehension,and they learn about all kinds ofsocial aspects in a friendship- Yes.

Of course,it's nice to have some creative ideas. I added that below,so you can get some more inspiration. #JipenJanneke #Jip #Janneke #Fiepwestendorp #Kinderboek #Annie #MGSchmidt #Fiep #Westendorp #Takkie #- Siepie. - Yeah #Haakpatroon #Boekenlegger #Knutselen #Creametkids