There are for others, agree?

Good morning,
Who “are” we in this time?
“There “, the “being “itself, or can we “be it “?
We sometimes end up in an unexpected situation
There's a certain feeling going through us. We want to understand this.
There is no knowledge in this area and you are at the mercy of others.
At least, you do that in the beginning: you go along with the energy that prevails there at that moment.
You surrenders to that and after a (short) awareness you start acting from your own experiences. Act with policy, in panic, out of fear or perhaps from a drive of survival.
You look around and you see how the masses of people move. Do I move with you or make my own decision.
You try to make careful choices. Your connections are your sounding board. These will be strengthened and you will find out who you match best in this situation.
That's why every connection you have is so immensely important. We are part of a larger whole, in which everyone performs his/her role in their own, unique way.
There are for others, agree?
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Greetings, Mitch Peters
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