There is no Sputnik V for the 2nd. Dosage.

#health On Wednesday, the NGO Médicos Unidos de Venezuela denounced the lack of Russian vaccines Sputnik V for the application of second doses against Covid-19 and demanded explanations on this situation from the authorities.

“We demand answers, enough delays, Where are the second doses of Sputnik-V vaccines? They started a chucuto (incomplete) vaccination plan without envisaged complete schemes. A single dose is not enough to achieve protection,” said the NGO in a Twitter message.

He also added that the “uncertainty” because of this situation “overwhelms Venezuelans”.

Both doctors United and trade union unions in the health sector in Venezuela have reported that vaccination against covid-19 is progressing slowly and disorderly.

As of 4 July, a total of 2,508,201 people had been vaccinated in Venezuela, according to Nicolás Maduro, who ensured that Venezuela had anti-covid vaccines to immunize 20 per cent of the population,