This is us

We're on day 17 of our solitary confinement. Last week it was just as exciting: the government announced to check even more stringent - also in forests, parks and gardens. There was a commotion with the word 'gardens', but fortunately we were reassured a day later: the government confined itself to checking the city parks and city gardens.

With us the fright has cut in anyway. For a moment we thought we'd be even less.
Anyway, it ended with a hisser!
However, we were told that we have to keep in mind that when we walk to the waste containers, we do have to bring a form with us. If we do not, there will be a fine of EUR 395. Too many people have the guts to travel the 350 meters without official document and that's really impossible...!
We sigh again deeply, shake our heads again and follow the rules again..., we have no choice.

The fun is there with the children in any case no less! Despite everything, they continue to laugh and spread their immense amount of love.

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