Tie Dye

What is tie dye

Tie dye is the colorful craze of 2020, but still really is not new. Already in the sixties there was a tie dye rage and also in the nineties it came back again and now again in 2020 it is hit again. Tie diye is a dyeing technique that you use to pattern textiles. You do this by making firm buttons in the textile before you start working with paint. The patterns arise because the paint can not adhere to the knotted or tied together parts. By tying the piece of fabric in different ways, there are many different patterns to make.



Paint: If you want to venture on the tie dye technique then you need textile paint. Today, there are simple vials of dye powder on sale. Just fill it with water and the paint is ready for use. If you like slightly brighter colors (slightly less dark) then you can choose to cut the powder in half, so you can fill the bottle twice. (see result pictures) The bottles are quite pricey, but you can do a lot with them. One disadvantage is that once you have made a bottle of paint with water you can not store for a long time. With the paint there is a manual with various knotting techniques, but especially think of your own technique.

Textiles: A piece of textile of your choice. Think of a cotton shopping bag or gym bag, a t-shirt, pants, socks, pencil case etc.

Rubber bands: With it, you can tie the fabric

Gloves: The paint goes very badly off your hands

Plastic rug:For covering the table

Plastic Tindle





Fill a basin with warm water and dissolve the salt in it. Wet your chosen fabric well in the nipple with water and then squeeze it out well.

Empty the nipple with water.

With rubber bands, make buttons in the fabric

Apply the paint carefully. Put this over your nipple. Use a combination of beautiful bright colors and possibly a few dark colors. Make sure there is enough paint on the fabric, but do not wet your workpiece too. When your workpiece is too wet, the colors will go through and you will get brownish spots, without using brown.

Allow it to dry outside your nipple. Leave the buttons. (if you do this activity during a children's party or something, then it is also possible to remove the elastics after half an hour. Allow the bag to dry well afterwards)

When the whole is dry, remove the elastics and admire your result.

Put your workpiece in a container of water and vinegar and leave it in here for fifteen minutes. Now let your bag dry again. Rinse it well and ready your workpiece.


Creative knot techniques

With the paint there is a manual with standard knot techniques, but there is as much more as possible. Tie Dye is the most fun when you start experimenting yourself. What will be your favorite technique?

Mouth caps tie dye

Everything that is made of fabric can be used for this brightly colored painting technique. This also applies to white fabric mouthcaps. By using tie dye you can quickly turn a boring mouthcap into a hip and unique one.

Other fun ideas

Tie Dye is so versatile, that the ideas are almost inexhaustible. Do you have a nice idea or result yourself? We'd love to hear it.


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