TikTok Music - What is TikTok?

TikTok Music - What is TikTok?

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a music app in which users can record videos of well-known songs and then playback them. The app is incredibly popular especially with younger audiences, although more and more older audiences are finding their way to TikTok as well.

Users are also given full freedom in adding various options: Time lapse, slow, normal, fast, epic and filters can be used.

How did TikTok come about?

TikTok was previously called Musically. Musically was founded in August 2014 by two Chinese friends Alex Zhu and Luvu Yang.

Alex Zhu and Luvu Yang wanted to develop an app for American teenagers that connected music and videos. The prototype came out in April 2014, but the first usable version of musically came out in August 2014, which did not yet allow for live sharing of recorded videos. On 24 July 2016 during VidCon, musically launched the app live.ly, which allowed users to start sharing their videos live as well.

Musically has become enormously popular from that moment on, in July 2016 there were already 90 million registered Musically users and an average of 12 million videos posted per day. These numbers reveal how popular the app is. By the end of May 2017, it appeared that there were already more than 200 million registered users spread all over the world.

Bytedance a Chinese company bought all the rights of Musically on 9 November 2017 and brought two similar apps together. Musically continued under the name TikTok as of August 2, 2018. It is estimated that Bytedance spent $1 billion for the app.

Since then, things have changed and TikTok wants to offer more possibilities and is in competition with the other major video platform YouTube, which last year also started You Tube Shorts, where video length is limited to a maximum of 1 minute. With TikTok, it was initially only possible to show videos of 15 seconds. This was later extended to a maximum duration of 1 to 3 minutes, and since recently it has been possible to create videos with a maximum length of 10 minutes.

Personally, I think that the changes have definitely come about because there is not only a shift in users. Where it was mainly the youth who used TikTok, you now also see other age groups using TikTok and it is not only music, but also other subjects that are increasingly being discussed on TikTok. Because of the increasing number of subjects, you also get different kinds of audiences and users. Take Food, for example. You see that a lot on TikTok. So you attract a large group of Foodies to TikTok. I also think that because of the coronapandemic in the past two years, people who spent a lot of time at home were automatically more active on internet and social media and on TikTok.

So it is no longer about drawing your audience to only short videos, but longer-length videos have become just as important, as long-reading blogs actually are. People are constantly looking for complete information and something that is complete you also want to share with other people. Videos can be not only for entertainment, but also, for example, for learning or for helping.


TikTok Possibilities

What possibilities do you have with TikTok?

  • With TikTok the user can record short videos from 15 seconds to a maximum of 10 minutes.
  • You can view and rate recorded videos of others.
  • You can easily edit your videos the way you like.
  • You can use filters, for example to change the colour of your hair.
  • There is an option to change the speed of the recording.
  • The possibility of adding emoticons.
  • The user can choose whether he records vlogs, dances, sings, playbacks, sports or other videos.
  • In short TikTok is a super fun creative app, with various possibilities.
  • At 1000 followers you have the possibility to go TikTok Live.
  • You can create a TikTok Pro account for free.
  • You can earn money with TikTok.
  • As a company, you can also advertise on TikTok with TikTok Business.

TikTok Live

On TikTok there is also a possibility to go Live. To be able to live stream automatically, you must have 1000 followers. Below 1000 followers, you cannot go live. TikTok Live is also growing enormously the past few years. TikTok Live also offers various possibilities, not only for users, but also for creators and musicians who can organise and promote their work. TikTok Live Events was launched, for example. You can think of concerts, but also courses, trainings, exhibitions. A lot is possible with this tool. To get 1,000 followers you need to be active on TikTok.

To get more followers you can do the following steps:

  • Make use of #hashtags . By using hashtags in your story, you will be found faster and better. Also, make sure you use the right hashtags that match your topic. Also make sure you use enough hashtags. Remember, space for hashtags is limited, so choose the most appropriate ones. Tip: Include the hashtag #foryou . This will give you a better chance of appearing in the ForYou feed.
  • Comment on other people's videos as well. Make sure you interact and follow people who share the same topics and interests. Like and respond.

  • Engage your audience and ask them questions. This way, you give the viewer the opportunity to respond and who knows, they might even follow you.

  • Look at what the trends are on TikTok and what songs are popular and make sure you follow the trends yourself. Because that's where the audience is.

  • Make sure your videos are attractive. Make sure you hold the viewer's attention, be funny. Be creative.

  • Take part in challenges, be active. The more you are present, the sooner you will be recognised and people will follow you.

  • Make sure you post regularly. You have to remain visible to your followers.

  • Like and respond to the comments of your followers. People are interested in your video and take the time to respond. Be nice and respond back.

  • Promote your videos on other social media channels as well for more views.

  • Convert your personal account to a Pro account (business account) and that is free.

With a Pro account you get insight into statistics that show your views, followers, most viewed videos and can see where your followers come from and through which internet channels.

  • Pay attention to the time when you post something on TikTok. The best time is in the morning between 6am and 10am and in the evening between 7pm and 11pm. Which days? Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

The times on those days when you will have the most engagement from your audience is at 9am, 12 noon and 5pm.


TikTok Ways To Make Money

Is it possible to make money with TikTok?

Yes, it is possible to make money on TikTok in different ways.

  • If you go live, you can ask your followers for a donation, just like on YouTube. Followers can give you a free donation if they want to, to reward you for your nice content.

  • You can become an influencer and companies can approach you if you have a lot of followers. So you have to do a lot on your fan base to keep it large if companies are interested in approaching you.

  • You can sign up as a member of TikTok Creator Fund if you have at least 10,000 followers. TikTok pays you for every 1000 views you get on a video. The earnings are not that high. You earn between 2 and 4 cents per 1000 views. But if you keep on making good content and it goes well in terms of views, it can be a nice extra income. It goes automatically and TikTok keeps track of it and through PayPal you can request a payment. They pay out once a month.
  • It is also possible to earn money on TikTok through affiliate marketing, because you sell products through videos for companies. Companies pay a percentage of commission, because you link them to them.

  • If you own a company or website, you can also attract more people to your website/webshop via videos with links, which can bring potential customers.

Top 10 Trending TikTok Songs 2022

  1. Glass Animals - Heat Waves
  2. The Kid LAROI ft. Justin Bieber - STAY ( with Justin Bieber )
  3. Imagine Dragons, JID, Arcane, League of Legends - Enemy
  4. Gayle - abcdefu
  5. Meresha - Jungle Potion
  6. Becky G, KAROL G - MIAMIII
  7. Elton John, Dua Lipa, PNAU - Cold Heart ( PNAU Remix )
  8. Lil Nas X, Jack Harlow - INDUSTRY BABY ( ft. Jack Harlow )
  9. Adele - Easy On Me
  10. Rauw Alejandro, Chencho Corleone - Desesperados

    The complete playlist you can find on Spotify


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tiktok hula dance


ice tiktok dance
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icecream tiktok dance
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i love it tiktok song
tiktok music icon
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if its up tiktok dance
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im crazy but you like that tiktok song
im the real party man dance tiktok
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im so wavy tiktok dance
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im a barbie girl tiktok dance
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its just water tiktok
dance it girls song tiktok


tiktok jackson
tiktok song jailbreak
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just the two of us song tiktok


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ksenia tiktok
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kylie jenner tiktok videos


tiktok music label
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tiktok lady gaga
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tiktok lana del rey
tiktok last christmas
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tiktok laxed dance
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tiktok laxed siren song
tiktok laxed song
lay it downsong tiktok
tiktok lazy song
left foot up right foot slide tiktok dance
tiktok left right song
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let me be your woman tiktok dance
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tiktok song life
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tiktok song list
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tiktok microphone
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months of the year song
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need to know doja cat tiktok
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nicky minaj tiktok dance
nicky minaj tiktok
nicknames tiktok
nightcore songs tiktok
nightmare before christmas song tiktok
nirvana tiktok
nirvana cover tiktok
nirvana dance tiktok
nirvana remix tiktok
nirvana song tiktok
nope yep song tiktok
nostalgia song tiktok
music notes tiktok
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music notes png tiktok
music notes printable tiktok


tiktok ocean song
often song tiktok
oh boy its you song tiktok
oh girl its you song tiktok
tiktok dance oh nanana
tiktok oh no song
tiktok oh lord song
tiktok oh my god
sound old music tiktok
old town road tiktok dance
on the floor song tiktok
tiktok dance on stairs
tiktok one direction
one dance drake tiktok
one direction song tiktok
tiktok music one hour
tiktok music online
tiktok orchestra
tiktok original songs
original song tiktok videos
our first song tiktok
our song tiktok
outside song tiktok
over song tiktok
own brand freestyle tiktok dance


tiktok pablo escobar song
tiktok song pain
panda song tiktok
pani pani song tiktok
paparazzi song tiktok
tiktok music pam param pam pam
tiktok song paradise
tiktok song paris
party music tiktok
pay my bills tiktok dance
peaches song tiktok
peaceful tiktok music
perfect song tiktok
period song tiktok
tiktok piano
tiktok piano beat
piano music easy tiktok
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tiktok piano wedding songs
tiktok piano tutorial
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tiktok song pictures
tiktok pirates of the carribean song
tiktok pitbull song
tiktok music platform
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tiktok playlist
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tiktok pokemon song
tiktok poker face
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tiktok music pop
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tiktok popcorn
tiktok popcorn duets
tiktok popular songs
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tiktok dance pose
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potatoes song tiktok
tiktok music prank
tiktok dance presley
tiktok song primero
prince of belair tiktok dance
music producer tiktok
producing music tiktok
productive music tiktok
tiktok music promotion
tiktok music promotion hashtags
tiktok song psycho
pump up the jam tiktok dance
tiktok pull it song
tiktok pull up song
pull up tiktok dance
punk music tiktok
tiktok song purple
put it down tiktok dance
music production tiktok
tiktok music posters


tiktok music quality
tiktok dance queen
tiktok dancing queen
tiktok queen tiktok
queen song tiktok
queen song rap tiktok
song queen beat tiktok
music questions tiktok
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music quiz tiktok
song quiz tiktok


tiktok radio
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radiohead tiktok
tiktok music radio station
tiktok dance rain
tiktok rage song
tiktok ragtime song
tiktok rage against the machine
tiktok dance rake it up
tiktok dance rake it up tutorial
tiktok dance rap songs
tiktok rap
tiktok rap dutch
tiktok rap edits
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tiktok rap quotes
tiktok rap song high pitched
tiktok rap song with flute
tiktok rap song with piano
tiktok rap song with violin
tiktok rap songs
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rapper videos tiktok
rappers tiktok
rapping tiktok
tiktok ratatouille song
rating music tiktok
rave tiktok
tiktok rave song
tiktok rave dance
tiktok rave music
tiktok rebel song
tiktok music recommendations
tiktok song red hot chili peppers
tiktok song red lipstick
tiktok redneck song
tiktok dance red velvet
tiktok reels music
tiktok reels songs
reggae tiktok
tiktok reggaeton dance
relaxing music tiktok
tiktok release songs
tiktok remix
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tiktok remixes
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tiktok dance renegade
tiktok music reviewers
tiktok rhythm challenge
tiktok rhythm song
tiktok rhythm of the night
tiktok rick astley
ride song tiktok
tiktok music rights
riff challenge tiktok
riffs tiktok
tiktok riff song
tiktok right now song
tiktok rihanna
tiktok rihanna cover
tiktok rihanna look alike
tiktok rihanna pretend
tiktok rihanna pon de replay remix
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rihanna umbrella tiktok
rihanna tiktok
edit rihanna tiktok videos
ringtones music tiktok
tiktok riot song
tiktok ritual song
tiktok river deep mountain high
tiktok riverdance
river song tiktok
tiktok rock
tiktok rock music
tiktok rockstar
tiktok rockstar dance
tiktok rock songs
rock song tiktok
tiktok song rollin
tiktok rolling in the deep remix
romantic song tiktok
romeo and juliet tiktok song
roses song tiktok
tiktok roxanne dance
tiktok roxanne song
tiktok royalty free music
tiktok music royalties
tiktok rudolph the red nose reindeer
tiktok rumba song
tiktok runway walk song
runaway song tiktok
tiktok runaway aurora
running music tiktok
tiktok running away song
tiktok song running back


tiktok sad songs
tiktok sad songs playlist
tiktok sad violin song
tiktok sailor song
tiktok saturday night fever
tiktok saturday night fever dance
tiktok savage dance
tiktok dance savage love
tiktok saxophone
tiktok saxophone beat
tiktok saxophone dance
tiktok saxophone song
tiktok saxophone song name
tiktok saxophone music
saxofon tiktok
tiktok dance say so
tiktok selena gomez
tiktok september song
tiktok dance shakira
tiktok dance shuffle
tiktok shuffle tutorial song
tiktok shuffle song name
tiktok shuffle song
tiktok dance songs
tiktok sia
tiktok sia snowman
tiktok sia song
tiktok sia snowman challenge
tiktok sick sick sick song
tiktok sike audio
tiktok sike song
tiktok sike song name
tiktok sike sound
tiktok sike sound effect
tiktok silhouette dance
tiktok silly song
simple dimple song tiktok
sing along if you know the song tiktok
tiktok singer songwriter
tiktok singers
tiktok singing
tiktok singing duets
tiktok singing videos
tiktok singing videos duet
tiktok slang
slow music tiktok
tiktok slowed songs
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tiktok dance snap with it
tiktok soda song
soft tiktok music
tiktok soldier song
tiktok songs
tiktok songs 2022
tiktok songs playlist
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tiktok songs wallpaper
tiktok songs lyrics wallpaper
tiktok sounds tiktok
sounds for edit tiktok
sound quotes tiktok
sounds videos spanish music tiktok
tiktok dance spin around
spiritual music tiktok
tiktok spotify playlist
tiktok spotify playlist cover
study music tiktok
sugar crush song tiktok
summer music tiktok
tiktok sun goes down song
sunflower song tiktok
surrender song tiktok


tiktok tailgate miley cyrus
tiktok tainted love
tango dance tiktok
tiktok tap tap tap
tiktok tap in dance
music taste tiktok
music tattoo tiktok
taxi tiktok dance
tiktok taylor swift
tiktok taylor swift song
tiktok techno dance
tiktok techno remix
tiktok techno song
tiktok techno sound
tiktok tequila song
tiktok title dance
tiktok music title
tiktok music to listen to
toes tiktok dance
tiktok top 10 songs
tiktok top 100 songs
tiktok toxic dance
tiktok toxic remix
tiktok toxic song
tiktok music trends
tiktok try not to sing
tiktok tupac hit em up
tiktok tupac song
tiktok tutorial videos dance
tiktok twerk song


tiktok music upbeat
tiktok ukulele
tiktok ukulele songs
ukulele tiktok videos
tiktok umbrella song
tiktok umbrella rihanna
underground music tiktok
tiktok dance unlock it
tiktok up dance
tiktok up cardi b
up song tiktok
up cardi b tiktok dance tutorial
tiktok dance upside down
tiktok dance up and down


tiktok vacation song
tiktok vibe songs
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tiktok song viking
tiktok violin
tiktok violinist
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tiktok violin song sad
tiktok violin and piano song
tiktok vip song
vip drinks on me tiktok dance
tiktok viral dance
tiktok viral hits
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tiktok viva la vida remix
tiktok vocal coach
tiktok vocals
vocal tips tiktok
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vocal warmups tiktok
tiktok vocal song
tiktok vogue song
tiktok vogue challenge song
tiktok vogue dance


tiktok wah wah song
tiktok wait a minute song
tiktok walking song
tiktok dance walking in a winter wonderland
tiktok wallpaper songs
tiktok wap dance
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wap remix tiktok
wap cardi b tiktok dance
tiktok dance watermelon sugar
wedding music tiktok
tiktok wedding dance
tiktok wedding song
tiktok dance western
tiktok whistle song
tiktok whistle song 2022
tiktok whistle rap song
tiktok whistle techno song
tiktok wiggle dance
tiktok woah song
tiktok wobble song
tiktok woke up this morning song
tiktok wolf song
woman music tiktok
workout music tiktok
worship music tiktok
tiktok dance wrap me in plastic
tiktok wuthering heights


tiktok xmas dance
tiktok xmas song
xoxo tiktok song
tiktok song xue hua piao piao
tiktok xxtenations song
tiktok music xylophone
tiktok song xylophone

tiktok dance yada yada yada
tiktok yeah song
yellow hearts song tiktok
yellow song tiktok
tiktok dance you can really dance
tiktok dance youtube
tiktok youtube
you and i tiktok song
you light me up inside tiktok dance
yummy song tiktok
yummy justin bieber tiktok dance

tiktok zayin malik
tiktok zebra song
tiktok zepeto dance
zero two tiktok dance
tiktok zero two song
tiktok zodiac song
tiktok zombie song
tiktok zumba dance
tiktok zumba dance remix 2021
zoo dance tiktok
tiktok zyzz song


TikTok Songs Alphabet

In this alphabetical list below you can see a collection of all trending and viral songs of TikTok.



tiktok song abcdefu
tiktok song abu dhabi 02 - yas island
tiktok song absolutely anything
tiktok song abbronzatissima
tiktok song a jester
tiktok song add a little bit of spice
tiktok song add her to the tally
tiktok song address it
tiktok song adderal
tiktok song aesthetic
tiktok song after dark
tiktok song after party
tiktok song afterglow
tiktok song alien
tiktok song aloha hey
tiktok song alone, pt. II
tiktok song alone again
tiktok song already dead
tiktok song all alone
tiktok song all around the world
tiktok song all i need
tiktok song all my friends are toxic
tiktok song all my ladies
tiktok song all night long
tiktok song allright allright allright
tiktok song all the things she said
tiktok song all the way up
tiktok song all time low
tiktok song all we know
tiktok song amadela
tiktok song ameno amapiano remix
tiktok song america
tiktok song american apparel underwear
tiktok song american boy
tiktok song american boy remix
tiktok song americanos
tiktok song among us
tiktok song am i broken
tiktok song and i want you to be my one and only
tiktok song and i wonder if you know how it really feels
tiktok song and it went like
tiktok song and when i see your face
tiktok song and when i see the change
tiktok song anger
tiktok song another day goes by
tiktok song another love
tiktok song another one bites the dust
tiktok song anxciety
tiktok song apple bottom jeans
tiktok song apple of my eye
tiktok song aphrodite
tiktok song are you ready
tiktok song are you with me
tiktok song are we too young for this
tiktok song arms around you
tiktok song astronaut in the ocean
tiktok song astronomia
tiktok song at least i swear to god
tiktok song attention
tiktok song ayy macarena



tiktok song baby baby baby when you touch me
tiktok song baby are you coming for a ride
tiktok song baby close your eyes
tiktok song baby i just need to know
tiktok song baby i'm a gangster too
tiktok song baby i'm yours
tiktok song back to the streets
tiktok song backyard boy
tiktok song bad habits
tiktok song bad together
tiktok song ballin'
tiktok song banana
tiktok song be kind
tiktok song because it's you
tiktok song beautiful girl
tiktok song beautiful mistakes
tiktok song beautiful morning
tiktok song been there done that
tiktok song beep beep
tiktok song beep boop
tiktok song before and after
tiktok song before i die
tiktok song before i go
tiktok song before i knew it
tiktok song before you go
tiktok song beggin'
tiktok song believe it
tiktok song best friend
tiktok song better luck next time
tiktok song big up's
tiktok song billie jean
tiktok birthday suit
tiktok song black summer
tiktok song blinding lights
tiktok song blood blood blood
tiktok song blood on the leaves
tiktok song blood in the water
tiktok song blueberry faygo
tiktok song blue cheese
tiktok song bongo cha cha cha remix
tiktok song bop
tiktok song bored
tiktok song bored in the house
tiktok song boys make me cry
tiktok song break my heart
tiktok song breaking my heart
tiktok song broke the rules
tiktok song brooklyn blood pop
tiktok song bucket and a mop
tiktok song build a bitch
tiktok song bum bum bum bum
tiktok song bum da da dum
tiktok song bundles
tiktok song busy body
tiktok song buss it
tiktok song buttercup
tiktok song butterfly effect
tiktok song by my side
tiktok song by the way she's safe with me
tiktok song bye bye bye
tiktok song but you know i stay
tiktok song but when he loves me


tiktok song california dreaming
tiktok song call me by your name
tiktok song calling my phone
tiktok song candy
tiktok song candy shop remix
tiktok song can we kiss forever
tiktok song can we skip to the good part
tiktok song can't wait to meet you
tiktok song canniball
tiktok song celebrate the good times
tiktok song cha cha slide
tiktok song checkmate
tiktok song chinese new year
tiktok song chocolate barbie
tiktok song city of angels
tiktok song closer
tiktok song cono
tiktok song could've been
tiktok song counting stars
tiktok song cradles
tiktok song criminal
tiktok song cream 'n frosting
tiktok song crystal dolphin
tiktok song cupid's chokehold


tiktok song da da da
tiktok song dákiti
tiktok song dance monkey
tiktok song dance with me
tiktok song dancin
tiktok song dancing in my room
tiktok song dancing in the dark
tiktok song dancing is what you do
tiktok song dancing with the devil
tiktok song darlin darlin
tiktok song darling id wait for you
tiktok song darling you're my best friend
tiktok song day and night
tiktok song day that i met you
tiktok song daylight i wake up feeling
tiktok song death bed
tiktok song deja vu
tiktok song demons
tiktok song devil eyes
tiktok song diamond in a rough
tiktok song diamonds on my neck
tiktok song did i really just forget that melody
tiktok song did i take it too far
tiktok song di di di
tiktok song did you hear what i said
tiktok song did somebody break your heart
tiktok song didn't even notice
tiktok song die for you
tiktok song die young
tiktok song dinero
tiktok song dirty laundry
tiktok song do it
tiktok song do it to it
tiktok song do whatever you want
tiktok song don't let go
tiktok song don't let me go
tiktok song don't rush
tiktok song don't start now
tiktok song don't stop
tiktok song don't you
tiktok song don't you feel like crying
tiktok song don't you give me up
tiktok song don't you just know
tiktok song don't you think like that
tiktok song don't you want to
tiktok song don't wanna know
tiktok song doot doot doot
tiktok song dopamine
tiktok song drivers license
tiktok song drop with it


tiktok song easy come easy go
tiktok song eat your vegetable
tiktok song edamame
tiktok song electric love
tiktok song electrify my heart
tiktok song emotions
tiktok song encanto
tiktok song enemy
tiktok song enough is enough
tiktok song envision
tiktok song even when the sky is falling
tiktok song even when the sun don't shine
tiktok song every now and then
tiktok song everyone's dancing to
tiktok song everybody
tiktok song everytime the beat drop
tiktok song everywhere i go
tiktok song expectation vs reality
tiktok song eyes tiktok song eyes lips face


tiktok song fade into darkness
tiktok song faded
tiktok song fall in love
tiktok song falling
tiktok song falling dreaming
tiktok song falling for you
tiktok song falling in love
tiktok song familiar
tiktok song fancy like
tiktok song fantasy
tiktok song far away
tiktok song fast
tiktok song father i'm coming home
tiktok song fed up
tiktok song feel alive
tiktok song feel good
tiktok song feel it in my system
tiktok song feel the rain on your skin
tiktok song feelings
tiktok song fell in love with my best friend
tiktok song figure me out
tiktok song finally free
tiktok song finally my boyfriend
tiktok song find me a lover
tiktok song fire
tiktok song fire in your kitchen
tiktok song first things first
tiktok song first time
tiktok song five six seven eight
tiktok song five four three two one
tiktok song five more minutes
tiktok song flaming youth
tiktok song flashing lights
tiktok song flex i do work
tiktok song flip flop
tiktok song flip the switch
tiktok song float on the sound
tiktok song flow like a river
tiktok song fly away
tiktok song fly me to the moon
tiktok song FML
tiktok song follow me follow me
tiktok song follow you into the dark
tiktok song forever
tiktok song for the night
tiktok song freak
tiktok song freaks
tiktok song free fire
tiktok song friday


tiktok song gang gang
tiktok song gatcha life
tiktok song get a bucket and a mop
tiktok song get busy tiktok song get down
tiktok song get it get it
tiktok song get it girl
tiktok song get out my way
tiktok song get up on the floor
tiktok song ghost town
tiktok song girl go crazy
tiktok song girl put your records on
tiktok song girls like you
tiktok song give it to me daddy
tiktok song give me all your love
tiktok song give me a beat
tiktok song give me reasons we should be
tiktok song give me something
tiktok song gobble gobble
tiktok song go best friend
tiktok song god stood me up
tiktok song god we need you now
tiktok song going in tonight
tiktok song going down down down
tiktok song going down like the titanic
tiktok song going through the motions
tiktok song going up the stairs
tiktok song gonna have a good day
tiktok song gonna get down tiktok song gordon ramsay
tiktok song got me spinning like a ballerina
tiktok song good day tiktok song good days
tiktok song goodbye
tiktok song good morning i just wanna say
tiktok song good in goodbye
tiktok song good news
tiktok song good times
tiktok song good 4 u
tiktok song gonna have a good day
tiktok song got green like kermit
tiktok song got a vibe
tiktok song got a lot to say
tiktok song i got what you need
tiktok song i got no roots
tiktok song i got my team
tiktok song gravity
tiktok song guess my nationality
tiktok song guess i'm just a playdate to you


tiktok song halogen nights
tiktok song happiest year of my life
tiktok song hard times
tiktok song hate me
tiktok song háwai
tiktok song head bop
tiktok song hear me
tiktok song heart of glass
tiktok song heat waves
tiktok song heathens
tiktok song heaven is a place on earth
tiktok song hello hello hello hello
tiktok song hello hello are you lonely
tiktok song here kitty kitty
tiktok song hey jude
tiktok song hey ladies
tiktok song hey, soul sister
tiktok song high hopes
tiktok song hips don't lie
tiktok song hold me down
tiktok song hold on i still want you
tiktok song hold tight
tiktok song holiday
tiktok song home is wherever i'm with you
tiktok song honey don't leave me
tiktok song honey i see you looking at me
tiktok song hope you have a bad day
tiktok song hot girl bummer
tiktok song hotel room service
tiktok song how did i get so wrong
tiktok song how did i go from this to this
tiktok song how you like that
tiktok song hey hey what
tiktok song hit it get it


tiktok song i am woman
tiktok song i don't care
tiktok song i got u
tiktok song i hate u
tiktok song i want you
tiktok song i like him
tiktok song i said no
tiktok song if i could
tiktok song if i could your heart
tiktok song if i could have your heart
tiktok song if i could learn your heart
tiktok song if the world was ending
tiktok song if you're lonely
tiktok song if you love me
tiktok song if you only knew
tiktok song if i would have known
tiktok song if only you were mine
tiktok song i never meant to break your heart
tiktok song i really like to party
tiktok song i really like your body
tiktok song i want all the tears back that i cried
tiktok song i'll be tiktok song i'll never forget you
tiktok song i'm the one to beat yeah
tiktok song i'm gonna show you crazy
tiktok song i'm in love
tiktok song i'm just a kid
tiktok song i'm fine
tiktok song imagine dragons
tiktok song in 25
tiktok song industry baby
tiktok song inferno
tiktok song in the middle of the night
tiktok song in the shadows
tiktok song infinity
tiktok song in my head
tiktok song intentions
tiktok song into you
tiktok song in your eyes
tiktok song it cannot always be night
tiktok song it goes on and on
tiktok song it's about drive it's about power lyrics
tiktok song it's friday
tiktok song it's just a cigarette
tiktok song it's a ocean
tiktok song it's you
tiktok song it's you that i love
tiktok song it's alright
tiktok song it doesn't go away
tiktok song i've been thinking
tiktok song i've come home


tiktok song jalebi baby
tiktok song january february march
tiktok song johnny don't leave me
tiktok song josie josie
tiktok song you were good to me
tiktok song juicy juicy
tiktok song jump in the party
tiktok song just a little bit
tiktok song just can't say goodbye
tiktok song just come home
tiktok song just dance
tiktok song just for me
tiktok song just my type
tiktok song just like that
tiktok song just the two of us


tiktok song k boy bye
tiktok song keep it on low
tiktok song keep my name out of your mouth
tiktok song keep on rolling
tiktok song keep on rollin
tiktok song keep your head up princess
tiktok song keep up with the guys
tiktok song kill the lights
tiktok song killing me softly
tiktok song kiss me
tiktok song kiss me with your eyes closed
tiktok song kiss me more
tiktok song knees like megan
tiktok song knock knock
tiktok song know that
tiktok song know that you are good enough


tiktok song la di da di da
tiktok song laffy taffy
tiktok song l'amour toujours
tiktok song la la lalala
tiktok song laxed
tiktok song lay your head down
tiktok song lean back
tiktok song lean with it
tiktok song lean wit it rock wit it
tiktok song leave the door open
tiktok song leave me alone
tiktok song lemonade
tiktok song let her go
tiktok song let it go
tiktok song let me down slowly
tiktok song let me know
tiktok song let me be your woman
tiktok song let me beat it till the morning
tiktok song let me talk to em
tiktok song let the party begin
tiktok song let you know
tiktok song let's do it again
tiktok song let's go
tiktok song let's move tonight
tiktok song let's skip to the good part
tiktok song levitating
tiktok song life goes on
tiktok song life of the fat funny friend
tiktok song life is good tiktok song like that
tiktok song lmk
tiktok song look into your eyes
tiktok song look me in my eyes
tiktok song lose control
tiktok song lost my mind
tiktok song lost on you
tiktok song lottery
tiktok song love nwantiti
tiktok song lovesong
tiktok song lovely
tiktok song low low low
tiktok song lullaby


tiktok song mabel
tiktok song make a cup of coffee
tiktok song make it stop
tiktok song make me jump
tiktok song make me shine
tiktok song make you mine
tiktok song makes you works fast
tiktok song making a party
tiktok song MAMIII
tiktok song mama muda
tiktok song mamma mia
tiktok song may you rest
tiktok song maybe i'm not pretty
tiktok song maybe it's her eyes
tiktok song me me me me
tiktok song me and my broken heart
tiktok song me and your girlfriend
tiktok song meat to meat
tiktok song meet me at our spot
tiktok song memories
tiktok song mercy
tiktok song million dollar bag
tiktok song mine mine mine
tiktok song mirror on the wall
tiktok song missing you
tiktok song money
tiktok song montero
tiktok song mop and bucket
tiktok song more than a woman
tiktok song motive
tiktok song move your body
tiktok song mood
tiktok song mood swings
tiktok song mr forgettable
tiktok song music box
tiktok song must have been a deadly kiss
tiktok song my baby my baby
tiktok myanmar
tiktok my best friend
tiktok song my bestie and your bestie
tiktok song my crown
tiktok song my daddy's got a gun
tiktok song my heart went opss
tiktok song my love without you
tiktok song my mother told me
tiktok song my name my age
tiktok song my oh my
tiktok song my type
tiktok song myself
tiktok song my one and only


tiktok song never forget you
tiktok song new sweet groove
tiktok song need to know
tiktok song nice to meet you
tiktok song night and day
tiktok song no no no no
tiktok song no face no case
tiktok song no idea
tiktok song nobody knows
tiktok song not long enough
tiktok song now you're lost
tiktok song numb


tiktok song obsessed with me
tiktok song obvious
tiktok song oh i know
tiktok song oh don't do it
tiktok song oh girl it's you
tiktok song oh na na na
tiktok song oh no i hope i don't fall
tiktok song ok i'm done
tiktok song old town road
tiktok song on and on and on
tiktok song on a monday
tiktok song on my way
tiktok song one day
tiktok song one two three
tiktok song only love can hurt like this
tiktok song opaul
tiktok song outwest
tiktok song out of my head
tiktok song out of my mind
tiktok song outrageous
tiktok song ow ow ow
tiktok song oh yeah yeah yeah


tiktok song panic at the disco
tiktok song papapa
tiktok song party girl
tiktok song party with you
tiktok song paw paw paw
tiktok song pay my bills
tiktok song payphone
tiktok song peaches
tiktok song pedal to the floor
tiktok song pepas
tiktok song perfect body perfect smile
tiktok song pew pew pew
tiktok song pick you up in a cadillac
tiktok song piece of me
tiktok song play the bass
tiktok song play date
tiktok song please don't be in love with someone else
tiktok song please don't go
tiktok song please don't waste my time
tiktok song please leave me alone
tiktok song plug walk
tiktok song policeman swear to god
tiktok song pompeii
tiktok song pope is a rockstar
tiktok song pop with it
tiktok song positions
tiktok song post nut clarity
tiktok song pretty boy swag
tiktok song pull me out
tiktok song pumped up kicks
tiktok song put some respect on my name
tiktok song put your hands up
tiktok song put your head on my shoulder
tiktok song put your pretty little hand in mine
tiktok song put your records on


tiktok song q
tiktok song q.e.e.u.n
tiktok song queen of california
tiktok song queen of the highway
tiktok song quand ces't
tiktok song quando quando quando
tiktok song quarantine
tiktok song quarter past midnight
tiktok song quarter to three
tiktok song quasar
tiktok song quasimodo
tiktok song questions i get asked
tiktok song quicksand
tiktok song quit town


tiktok song rain down on me
tiktok song rainbows and butterflies
tiktok song rapstar
tiktok song rare
tiktok song reckless
tiktok song red alert
tiktok song relationship
tiktok song remember i always love you
tiktok song renee
tiktok song ride
tiktok song ride it
tiktok song rockabye
tiktok song rockstar
tiktok song roscoe's
tiktok song roses
tiktok song rover
tiktok song roxanne
tiktok song runaway
tiktok song running away
tiktok song running out of time
tiktok song running through my head
tiktok song ryyzn


tiktok song sad
tiktok song sad girlz luv money
tiktok song same thing
tiktok song savage
tiktok song savage love
tiktok song save your pity for the weak
tiktok song save your tears
tiktok song say it right
tiktok song say it with me now
tiktok song say so
tiktok song seventeen
tiktok song sexy back
tiktok song sex tape
tiktok song see me do my dance
tiktok song see you again
tiktok song shadow games
tiktok song shake dat
tiktok song shake your body like a belly dancer
tiktok song shame shame shame
tiktok song shawty
tiktok song she get wicked
tiktok song she said you're a player
tiktok song she gone go
tiktok song shivers
tiktok song shooby dooby
tiktok song shooting stars
tiktok song skechers
tiktok song ski ski ski
tiktok song skin and bones
tiktok song skip to the good part
tiktok song sky is falling
tiktok song slow
tiktok song smells like teen spirit
tiktok song smooth talking
tiktok song so i want you
tiktok song so baby close your eyes
tiktok song so pretty
tiktok song snake
tiktok song snow red hot chili peppers
tiktok song someone else
tiktok song sorry i didn't kiss you
tiktok song stay
tiktok song stay with me
tiktok song stayin alive
tiktok song stop wait a minute
tiktok song stuck in my head
tiktok song stupid
tiktok song stupid mental health
tiktok song somebody to love
tiktok song somebody once told me
tiktok song something new
tiktok song sometimes all i think about is you
tiktok song sugar
tiktok song suicidal
tiktok song sunday best
tiktok song sundown
tiktok song sunset lover
tiktok song supalonely
tiktok song swear to god
tiktok song sweater weather
tiktok song sweet like candy
tiktok song swing swing swing


tiktok song take it slow
tiktok song take it off
tiktok song take me home
tiktok song talk talk talk
tiktok song talking to myself
tiktok song talking to the moon
tiktok song take me to the moon
tiktok song take my breath
tiktok song take my dinero
tiktok song take your man
tiktok song taking a picture
tiktok song tap in
tiktok song tears off of your face
tiktok song telepatía
tiktok song tell me
tiktok song tell me what you want
tiktok song the box
tiktok song the business
tiktok song the git up
tiktok song that goes fast
tiktok song that goes i'm in love
tiktok song the less i know the better
tiktok song that way
tiktok song thats what i want
tiktok song the reason that i
tiktok song the scotts
tiktok song the sun goes down
tiktok song there is a house
tiktok song therefore i am
tiktok song this is the way i live
tiktok song thinking about you
tiktok song thot shit
tiktok song throw that back like a cadillac
tiktok song time of our lives
tiktok song TKN
tiktok song todo de ti
tiktok song tonight the music
tiktok song to the moon
tiktok song toxic
tiktok song too many bottles
tiktok song toosie slids
tiktok song tra tra
tiktok song turn off the lights
tiktok song twilight zone
tiktok song twinkle twinkle little star


tiktok song u can't touch this
tiktok song ugly ugly ugly
tiktok song ugly to pretty
tiktok song uh uh uh uh
tiktok song umbrellas
tiktok song un deux
tiktok song unbreakable
tiktok song under pressure
tiktok song untouchable
tiktok song up
tiktok song upside down
tiktok song up down to the side


tiktok song vacation
tiktok song valentino
tiktok song venom
tiktok song versace
tiktok song vibe
tiktok song voices in my head


tiktok song wait a minute!
tiktok song wait for me
tiktok song waiting for you
tiktok song wake me up
tiktok song wake up in the morning
tiktok song waking up in the morning
tiktok song walk in the party
tiktok song walk man
tiktok song walked in
tiktok song walls could talk
tiktok song want somebody to love
tiktok song wanna be your lady
tiktok song wanna see me do my dance
tiktok song WAP
tiktok song watermelon sugar
tiktok song we could be
tiktok song we could have been so good together
tiktok song we don't talk about bruno
tiktok song we should be lovers instead
tiktok song weird vibes
tiktok song wellerman
tiktok song what you gonna do
tiktok song when hello means goodbye
tiktok song what if i told you that i love you
tiktok song what's poppin
tiktok song what's up?
tiktok song what you know bout love
tiktok song when i'm gone
tiktok song when i was younger
tiktok song when the sun goes down
tiktok song where are you now
tiktok song whistle
tiktok song white flag
tiktok song whoopty
tiktok song wicked game
tiktok song without me
tiktok song without you
tiktok song wish you well
tiktok song woah
tiktok song woke up this morning
tiktok song woman
tiktok song write this down
tiktok song wtf
tiktok song why can't you wait for me
tiktok song why you gotta be like that
tiktok song why i borrow your lipstick so often
tiktok song why you walk like that



tiktok song y u gotta b like that
tiktok song yellow hearts
tiktok song you and me always forever
tiktok song you and me you and me
tiktok song you are my high
tiktok song you are my life
tiktok song you are looking so fine so fine
tiktok song you are the reason
tiktok song you belong to me
tiktok song you better run
tiktok song you know i'll go get
tiktok song you make me feel so
tiktok song you da one x don't start now
tiktok song you give me butterflies
tiktok song you got it
tiktok song you gotta survive
tiktok song you make me feel so
tiktok song you right
tiktok song you were good to me
tiktok song you'll get over it
tiktok song young
tiktok song you're my best friend
tiktok song yours mine ours
tiktok song yummy


tiktok song zero two
tiktok song zoom zoom

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