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Parade at the university
Godmother of the veterinary career - - As you all know, I recently started studying my veterinary career at a university in Venezuela, which helped me to have multiple different experiences in my life. This institution usually names godmothers or queens if you like among the girls at the university. I, as usual, arrived late for classes today because since I don't have a car or transport you I have to walk a long way to my university since I didn't have the money to pay for my ticket. what is my surprise that when I arrived in my classroom my classmates tell me that in my absence they had held a vote in which I was elected as the girl who was going to represent my veterinary medicine career and I would have to compete with the girls from the other races It was crazy, I had to get ready quickly without prior rehearsal to represent my salon I had to borrow makeup a dress and with the support of my teammates this was the final result of my arrangement, the truth is, this was a lot of fun since I didn't expect it but I thank my colleagues for believing in me, the prize offered was to win $50 which for me are very useful in my situation. As it was a sporting event, the first parade had to be in casual clothing alluding to sports and that's how it looked then it was time for the gala show here I am with my other compañeras from the contest. ... And well, everything always went well in the end I won the contest and I was like the godmother here I appear with my inseparable sister nirvana who in the company of my mother were accompanying me and supporting me in my show Read more -