Time heals

Time heals

What does time means for an animal rescue?

For the horses and donkeys arriving at Fluffyland it is time to heal, time to eat and time to improve.
Due to the poor economy some horses arrive in very bad condition with illnesses and underweight. 

Most of the owners we work with are illiterate and survive on a low income. In addition to caring for their own family they often support other relatives as well. They have usually dropped out of school early to work for their family – there are lots of children selling souvenirs at the pyramids and many children work with horses as well. Like people, most horses start working at an early age.
They are working animals, not pets.
The low-income owners can only afford to buy the cheapest horses. These are horses that are underweight, injured and/or sick. It’s not uncommon for sellers to give the horse a good dose of bute so that the buyer will think it’s reasonably sound. Many pay a down payment for a horse that is already in poor condition, and are then forced to work that horse to be able to pay off instalments. A low income means that owners cannot afford the good, experienced vets and farriers and although medication is sold over the counter, they can’t afford to buy it.
While there are some excellent vets in Egypt, people generally have poor knowledge of horses. 
Cairo is a city of nearly 20 million people, and like people’s houses, most stables in our area are small and quite cramped. The working horses generally don’t have their own boxes, but are tied up in rows. We see a lot of leg wounds caused by ropes, or other injuries like head wounds after horses have laid down and gotten stuck. Bite wounds are also common since so many horses live in close proximity to each other.

Time to heal

The best way to show how quick horses can improve while they are given the right type of food are some pictures.
Take a look at Haridey and see how time did the job!
We have loads of examples, also with terrible wounds, but those I'll not show at Yoors.


Time needed to raise funds

It all started with one horse (Prince Fluffy Kareem) and today we have over 200 animals.
Imagine how much money is needed.
We started of with donation requests posted on facebook.
People held fundraisers in their home countries and sold horse tag etc.
Getting more and more animals extra ways of income had to been found.
Applying for grants (see blog Vote at mygivingcircle.org) and registering the charity in the UK .
Taking part in ebay non profit shares.
Put up a foster sponsor system to mention another one.
I think you get the idea how much time goes into it.

Time before and after dinner

A general view at fluffyland before and at dinner time :-)
How much time is needed to keep the area clean?


Time is up

We can not save all horses. Sometimes it is time to let them go.
As example the 18 year old mule Shokre who arrived february 9th.
Incredibly thin and with horrendous skin condition. 
He was treated with his buddy Adham and received kindness and good food.
But unfortunately he did not make it and left us at february 19th.
Maybe if he  had reached us sooner, maybe things would have been different.
We hope you remember that for a very short while you were treated with all the love and care you deserved.
We’ll take good care of your buddy Adham I promise you.
Sleep well beautiful boy


Thank you for taking your time to read.
Thank you all Yoors members for your support!
Thank you @Dewaputra for asking us to reflect on #time

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