Livin in a Lockdown

#timemanagement #lockdown #procrastination

28 days, 528 hours, or 31,680 minutes that is how long I have been in lockdown.

While this obstruction to the passage of everyday life has not been fun, I believe it has been a thought provoking experience and has definitely lead me to rethink some things. Especially how I spend my time.

Time seems to be of the essence here. Although to be truthful- when isn't it?

Humanity has spent much of its days dawdling in disaster watching the sand of an hourglass fall. We say we will fix things before it is too late, but truth can bend in odd ways. Personally, I think change begins within a person, all you need is one and then from there you can take that passion of change and watch it spread like wildfire. I believe that a spark can light a candle and a candle light another.

In my own life I have noticed a lack of such passion. There are dreams. I can say that. Perhaps hope and wishful thoughts but actions on these dreams have been limited to say the least. Small steps towards something so far off....

I do not believe I am alone in this as I have seen many others complain about similar feelings. Boredom, hopelessness, loneliness. Some have even admitted that their previous claims that they would live out their dreams if they just had the time to fulfill were never really true. It is not time we need, but the motivation and will power to take the challenge to change.

At the heart of it, reaching the best version of ourselves is about overcoming procrastination and the desire to sit back and do nothing but dream a dream that will never be more than a dream until you cease the dreaming and take advantage of the time you have.

One cannot always control the situations they are put in or the chaotic nature of the world. But they can control how they react to the circumstance. So as I sit here wondering what to do with myself I think about how much more I can be doing to reach those goals I once had for myself. We might as well make the best of the time that we have and begin to use it to learn something new, take up a new hobby, write that novel you always wanted to do, make that painting you always had your heart set on.

Take a horrible situation and turn it upside down!

I've counted the time I've wasted and I refuse to waste any more.

We may be living in a lockdown but life is not about where we are or the situations we are put in. It's about the journeys we take, even if the door's still locked.