People have asked me many times how I stay motivated. They have asked me if I ever get tired of working too fast. The answer is simple. You need to find ways to stay motivated as you look to achieve your dreams and goals.

We are not robots. Some days are better than others. But, in those low days, you should find out how to put out a fire. You cannot achieve your goals without the motivation to get there. It requires consistency and persistence; especially on days when you are tired or down and want to quit.

Choose Your Life Theme Song: I wrote about this in my inspirational book. If you have not already done so, get the theme song. Music is a great motivator. I have three inspiring songs: Peter Gabriel's "Big Time", Phil Collins' "Another Day In Paradise", and Styx's "Show Me the Way". There are many tunes to choose from. Choose a song and play it if you need to upgrade.

Don't worry too much: I understand: Life is very dangerous. However, this should not always be the case. I know we all want to achieve our goals and dreams and that takes work, but you have to be happy. If you have ever visited my offices, you will see a place where people work very hard, but the atmosphere is pleasant. The same is true in my house. We give ourselves time to enjoy the little things because the only way to any success is to enjoy the process.

Don't Do It Alone: ​​Not long ago I heard the founder of a large company say that he had not told the soul about his vision for his product all year. He wanted to be focused and not have to back down. I do not like to admit. What I have found is that telling everyone is the way to go. It helps to keep you accountable. Also, if you get discouraged and give up, you probably do not want to make that dream come true. I prefer not to do it alone, but if traveling alone works for you until you are ready, do it.

Accepting Failure: If you do not fail, you are not really trying. Time. We live in a world that is about "winning." That's good. We all like to win. But often you cannot win without failure. "Failed quickly and often failed" is embedded in the American business mindset. I have noticed that business and the private sector are getting this, but many others are not. Change the narrative in your mind. Failure is okay. It shows you are trying. Just get up and move on when you fail. Don't give up.

Take It In small Parts: I strongly believe in big dreams and having a positive outlook. Why not? Dreams and goals are aspirations. They are not meant to be small. If you dream a lot, that's fine. Keep those dreams alive by breaking them down into smaller pieces. It is almost impossible for a person to do something big and big all at once. Many parts are needed to make it all. So, break down your dreams and vision into smaller accessible pieces.

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