Appeal to the “good heart” of influencers. No offense to some, influencers it works!

When the icon of a community, which is similar to that of the customers you are targeting, begins to recommend your product, you will garner more sales, that's for sure... And it works even with more modest influencers, called mid tail and long tail.

Of course, this is not a magic bullet. But if you manage to put several opinion leaders in your market segment in your pocket and turn them into ambassadors for your brand, then it will pay off in the short, medium and long term.

It is true that to access certain influencers, you will have to open your wallet. However, sometimes you can build partnerships that won't cost you cold hard cash.

You can have your product tested for free, write original and interesting content, invite the influencer to an exclusive event…

It's up to you to be creative and actively contact influencers! To get started, start by consulting: The Guide to Defining, Finding and Engaging the Right Influencers, or Practical questions to make your brand known via bloggers and other influencers in your sector. Here you will find good tips for getting started.

Publish guest articles on known and/or very relevant sites in your sector

A variant of the previous point, is to create useful, interesting articles and to propose them for publication on other sites, opinion leaders. These are called guest posts.

This technique, well used, is very useful to make yourself known to a qualified community, which resembles your customers, without having to spend 1€. On the other hand, you must be prepared to invest a few hours of writing.

If you manage to find a publication on a very popular site, it will bring you a lot of traffic.

But the stronger the relevance between your host's audience and your own business, the higher the conversion rates will be.

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