To good to go

#health and #savingtips

Sometimes the month is longer than your payslip, sometimes it's just a tough month you have to go through, sometimes you want or have to get the bottom out of the box. Each has his reason, each has his purpose.
If you need to save for any reason, any remedies will help.
Sometimes you have to be creative and sometimes incredibly creative.

A nice initiative are the 'to good to go' packages. You can pick it up in different stores in your area after ordering.
A package is food that is still edible but cannot be sold tomorrow. Sometimes fresh products such as bread, other products by expiration date.
You pay a small amount and you get 3 to 6 times more products for the amount than you normally would spend. Eg: I pay 3,99€ and receive products for 12€ together.
You can pick up this package at the relevant store by the end of the day.
This initiative has the aim of reducing the waste heap of food.
So you're doing a good thing twice.

Of course, it takes some creativity. But if you buy one or more packages a few times a week you will notice that your wallet is good.

What can be in such a package:
-Bag of potatoes, piece of steak of 400gr, bag of soup vegetables, 4 yogurts, pack of spreads, 2 pastries.

- half kilo sausage, 6 apples, piece of cheese, jar of olives, drinking yogurt, serving of ready pasta, pack of spreads.

This is just a small example of what can be included in such a package.
If I buy 2 packages for 1 week 2 x 3,99 x 5 then I eat with his 5 this week for 40€.
And usually we don't have steak on the table. We've already eaten surprising things, I'm being challenged to be creative, sometimes it's not really all what you like. Pushing boundaries, we all have to learn.

I know that for our family, at the moment, I have saved 5, 200€ on 1 month.
That can count!!!

Install the 'to good to go' app on your smartphone, the app searches for your local stores that participate in it, order your package and participate in reducing the waste heap and sponsor your wallet.

Good luck! #besparen