The layout change is really super and beautiful. However, it has also brought changes for old post uploads.

Descriptions have become titles and number of posts have become empty posts. That's not all, unfortunately. Points we have received in the past on our posts have also been changed to 0 hearts on our page beside of that we were thankful (and ok with it) that the points did not disappeared in our account.

Well for now to keep it on the topic of "empty posts":

One of our posts was reported in the past as 'reason: empty post' however it was before not an empty post but became an empty after the Yoors layout changed.

After our experiences we are glad that Yoors Official has called attention to the moderators in the case of marking posts as spam and removed the option "Empty post" from the report reasons because it has been often misused.

It can be possible that an old post has now become an empty post and is still online. Would you like to report this to us? By leaving a comment or sending a message to our inbox.

We hope moderators are also aware of this.

Old posts have become empty posts after the layout changed