#You are not alone

#To all those souls that feel alone and being abandoned..

YoU r not alone.... the universe supports you in endless ways you have never imagined .. whenever u feel alone look above ☝☝ the sky is all widened to look down at u... the passing clouds wave you a "hi" all the time.. the stars wink at you playfully.. you r always accompanied not left alone ... NEVER... the entire universe revolves with you.... when you feel a fall get grip of these things surrounding you... and hold them tight to your heart and mind... so that you will always find urself accompanied.. wake up after every fall with the hold of the belief that friends from universe give you... and go fighting ✊ Remember sometimes it's best to surrender to the current of your life... move along with it. Accept it with its flaws.. scars... wounds.. as you and your life is under healing.. and healing can never be pain free or as easy as you think it is... pat yourself at the back for taking an initiative to heal unless acting dead.. and yeah the process is tough.. the course is hard.. you suffocate.. you are stuffed with what's happening around you.. your head hurts ... tears roll down.. But don't give up.. chin up and face it. Make it run and stop running from it for a while... sit with it have a chat with it and know what it wants... make a deal with it.. But never surrender to your fear cause that's what makes you weak.... The dark times are going to go away soon.. all you need is a little hope and faith with yourself and all will be well❤❤ Finally remember to love yourself everyday every hour every minute and every single second CAUSE YOU ARE THE STRONGEST PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE.. go for it... fighting ✊