Today Dollar Rate In India (March ,21 2022) | Sunday Emmanuel

Today Dollar Rate In India (March ,21 2022)

Today Dollar Rate In India (21/03/22)

The current USD to INR exchange rate equals 76.5900 Rupees per 1 US dollar. Some of the main factors that determine the exchange rates are inflation, interest rate, public debt, current account deficit, and terms of trade.

1 USD = 76.61INR

Have you been looking for a site to check USD to INR rate? will provide you with the latest update. Today's (Monday, March 16, 2022) US Dollar to Indian Rupee exchange rate.

According to the international rate and the office of the US Trade Representative, India is the US's ninth-largest good trading partner at a total value of $142.6 billion as of 2018. Both countries, the US and India, enjoy strong collaborations in precious metal, stone and mineral fuels.

USD to INR Today news

The latest news on the conversion of USD to INR Rate has made it easy for everybody to know the actual rate.

Recent USD to INR news has been dominated by the US government removing India from the list of countries it is monitoring for currency manipulation. This has been a strong connection between them but note, after Euro, everybody wants USD because of the high rate. Based on the news, the US decided to impose an extra 10% duty. on importing goods manufactured in China will have a widespread impact across the world forex market in the globe, including the USD to INR rate.

1 USD to INR Rate from 1947-2021

As of 23 December 2021, the value of the rupee against the dollar is Rs.75.31. Some of the main factors that determine the exchange rates are inflation, interest rate, public debt, current account deficit, terms of trade, political stability, and economic performance.

The Rise and fall of the dollar vs rupee rate since 1947

The most powerful currency was the euro and dollar. During post-world war II, The U.S dollar (USD) has been the most excellent and powerful currency all over the world. It has dominated the financial market and has become the de-facto currency for national and international trade and transactions.

Till today, countries peg their currencies against the USD to determine their value in the global market. From an early age, The strength of India's currency, the Rupee (INR) is slightly weighted against the USD.

The rate does not have a specific actual rate to stop because of the world economy and this has changed a lot of things because prices can move up and come down tomorrow. After all, we don't have a stable market, especially in the US and INR.

The value of USD to INR keeps fluctuating and it is called the exchange rate.

Convert US Dollar to Indian Rupee

1 USD 76.5583 INR
5 USD 382.792 INR
10 USD 765.583 INR
25 USD 1,913.96 INR
50 USD 3,827.92 INR
100 USD 7,655.83 INR
500 USD 38,279.2 INR
1,000 USD 76,558.3 INR
5,000 USD 382,792 INR
10,000 USD 765,583 INR
50,000 USD 3,827,920 INR

Convert Indian Rupee to US Dollar

1 INR 0.0130614 USD
5 INR 0.0653071 USD
10 INR 0.130614 USD
25 INR 0.326535 USD
50 INR 0.653071 USD
100 INR 1.30614 USD
500 INR 6.53071 USD
1,000 INR 13.0614 USD
5,000 INR 65.3071 USD
10,000 INR 130.614 USD
50,000 INR 653.071 USD

USD and INR changing rate

Most every day, The exchange rate constantly changes in the global foreign exchange market and it is a determinant of a nation's economic power. Almost all global trade is possible because of its existence. If the value of foreign currency increases, imports get expensive and exports get cheaper.

On a Normal exchange, if it takes more Indian currency to buy 1 USD, it means that the Indian currency has depreciated and if it takes Less, the currency has depreciated.

Rupee exchange rate since its independence

Since independence, the Indian currency has been on a roller-coaster journey. Geopolitical issues, international issues, and economic reforms have had a big effect on its value over the years. Judging from the value of 72.55 rupees per dollar in the current time.

Based on the increment and decrement of the currency, the Indian rupee has been depreciating against the USD in the past 71 years.

USD to INR forecast for March 2022.

Opening exchange rate 75.50 Rupees. Maximum rate 80.03, minimum 75.26. The average rate for the month is 77.41. The USD to INR forecast at the end of the month is 78.85, a change for March 4.44%.

How Can I Convert Dollar (USD) to Rupee (INR) in India?

There are multiple ways to convert USD to INR in India. The traditional approach of doing so involved going to banks. You stand in the queue and wait for your turn. This was not only time-consuming but pretty frustrating and even after all the effort, you end up paying a high cost. The second way was to search for a money changer where the first check is whether they have the desired USD or not.

Most money exchangers in India have an organizational framework at the physical level involving various forms of fixed costs, such as rent, salaries, and other operating costs. The fundamental economic law tells us that the customer will actually incur all these expenses as part of higher fees and transaction costs.


Various factors cause the volatile nature of the Indian currency. The value of INR is significantly affected by crude oil prices as India imports a large quantity of it. An increase in oil prices causes the value of the Indian currency to drop. As we discussed earlier, a fall in foreign investments in the Indian market, interest rates, inflation in the country also contribute to the depreciation of the INR. Devaluation of the currency makes imported goods expensive, foreign travel and fees for studying abroad become costly.

It is important to note that a strong currency is not necessarily good. The depreciation of the rupee has helped the Indian economy during an economic crisis. Lowering the exchange rate has improved the balance of trade. With a floating exchange rate system, the USD/INR is determined by market forces and several internal and external forces.

For a developing economy like India, depreciation can be a natural consequence and it is likely to continue in the future.

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