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Today in Coyoacăn, Mexico City



Coyoacan has been chosen by Mexican artist Betsabée Romero to present her work “Flor y Luz for the unfinished goodbye”. 

Flowers and light.

Petals that open the way of waiting Words of encouragement Conjugated in the surrounding Infinitive Long story names Water, Incense and copal Aromas that enter through the pores That shake hands and lead us to deep recall Colors that warm with the breeze of paper and wind Simple things in which we recognize ourselves Breaking the silence of so many unfinished goodbaddies.

The Day of the Dead

The tradition of Dia de Muertos has precedent in pre-Columbian cultures, after the conquest, with the Catholic Church Todosantos was mixed with the local customs because the few priests who were there at that time could not give everyone the extra-marital because in 20 years almost 90% of the indigenous population died due to different diseases and epidemics from Europe

Dia de Muertos is a very vital tradition that has endured because it serves as support for the memory and personal and collective duels of our country. It has not yet been fully controlled by the global pandemic and continues to be the cause of countless duels and losses

Without culture and art, memory and dignity of life would be very difficult to take care of physical health is not enough; emotional and cultural health is what heals the deepest fabric that is the social fabric. The hardest side of the crisis has been absence: the abrupt interruption of the encounter the lack of accompaniment at the end of the life

“Flor y Luz por los Adioses Unfinished seeks to accompany the great duels that this crisis has left us, as well as to preserve and promote the sense of the collective and cultural in this new stage This contemporary interpretation of Dia de muertos as in previous years.

Coyoacán ESTA WITH YOU Visit it in the Jardin Hidalgo and enjoy it with the whole family

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