Todays Share tip : Make a Pin it Call to action in your post.

  • Yoors pays 1 euro for 1000 views. Achieved by sharing.
  • You also support the maker. Every view you generate is also a view for the content maker !
  • Keep this in mind. Content makers always profit more.
  • You get 1 Yp per view. They get this 1 Yp from you and all others who share ...

  • You achieve this by just sharing on socials or just send the link to your peers.
  • @Muziek  puts this in the post : A nice picture with a call to action to the reader.
  • It says : 'Pin it ' and if you hoover your mouse you can immediately pin it. Another change for earning is created.
  • So share this post and the post mentioned and by sharing we tell others the good news ! You will profit.