Yoors pays 1 euro for 1000 views. Achieved by sharing.
You also support the maker. Every view you generate is also a view for the content maker !
Keep this in mind. Content makers always profit :)

You achieve this by just sharing on socials or just send the link to your peers.

Millions of words have already been written about what constitutes shareable content.

And it is actually very simple:

Content that is fun and useful. What has been worked on.
Where someone has poured out their soul and blood sweat and tears.
Do the work !!

I know content makers who work 2 months on one post !
This one posts ranks in Google . Gets shared hundreds of times.
Generates traffic for years.

If you share that, others will also share it. Why ?

Because they themselves just get a little cooler by sharing it. Because they share something good.

Google also looks at your posts in the same way. Is it a post that people can use?
What they can do with . What are people looking for? At Google they call this helpful content.

Do you create helpful content worth sharing? Is there something of yourself in it?

Below you can see someone who actually does that. @Encaustichris 

Share that post! It's more than deserved.


Bonus tip : Share any picture in the post on your Pinterest board.
It is a bit of work. But this pictures will be seen.

Todays share tip : Make excellent and helpful content