Todays share tip : Share every image in a post on Pinterest.

  • Look at this perfect post with a very sad story.
  • @roxana_ac  You are the best ! Always steady such a good content.
  • I got to this post and shared all images on Pinterest.
  • That's about 6 changes to be seen on Pinterest and get a click to Yoors.
  • This click is 1 Yp for @roxana_ac  1 Yp for the reader . And 1 Yp for me.
  • And i shared with Smart Social on many more platforms. More about that later.
  • How you do it ?
  • Put your mouse pointer on an image and the red Pinterest button appears. (See picture)
  • Click on it and you share. Easy as that. Of course you need a Pinterest account.

    Share any post @ Yoors and you earn 1 euro per 1000 views.
    The reader and content creator are earning as well !