Venezuela and the dollar.

It is not a secret for anyone, the situation of the country.

I do this post, mostly in an informative way, for those brothers and sisters, who today are living in distant lands and do not know exactly what the economic situation of our country is like.

And on the other side of the coin, I do it as a relief....!

Dollars have become an immediate route to escape the powerful hyperinflation that plagues the country.

Inflation not only pulverized the purchasing power of Venezuelans, but also the value of local banknotes.

An example of this is that the 1,000,000 bolivar piece, the highest denomination in the country and which was created recently, barely represents half a dollar.

Many people see this advantageous situation, many of them receive remittances from abroad.

But the humble, working and working class of the country. They do not have this facility, thus leaving them at a full disadvantage.

People with many years of travel, people with their pensions, retirements. They earn around 2 dollars a month...

So why not dollarize Venezuela?

If it brings more benefits than disadvantages, they are the conversations of every day.

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