Venezuela, a country in humanitarian crisis, and rich who benefit.

For no one is a mystery what is happening in Venezuela, my country.

Documentaries, series, podcast, images, protests, dissemination of information through the network.

you put the word "Venezuela" in your favorite search engine, and it will immediately return infinite results about the situation in my country. Many give incorrect information, and yellowish.

Others giving information, real and honest. Trying to expose the good side of my country, which is ..!

Like many young people, who have decided to stay and continue standing, enduring the tyranny, of those who use this beautiful country, as their handkerchief to shake their noses.

I have had to live experiences that I never imagined, seeing things that I never thought I would see.

The tastes of the rich have changed in recent years, and with a new social and political class that has displaced surnames of multi-million dollar companies, with exceptions, such as the Mendoza, from the Polar group, and the Vollmer, from Ron Santa Teresa.

Among the stores that are booming, "the dollar rules" and that the shortage only affects those who do not have access to foreign currency.

The pandemic has not been limiting either. "Although the emporium of brands of powerful groups such as LVMH or Kering does not have a presence in Venezuela, it satisfies the cravings to dress multi-brand stores, such as the veteran Casablanca, and boutiques such as Carolina Herrera."

There are three jewelers that dispute the whims of millionaires in Venezuela and, according to their sources, the per capita sale of watches exceeds that of neighboring countries, to the point that, from time to time, "representatives of prestigious watchmakers visit the country ".

Bringing with it very expensive limited edition watches "

So, friends tell me, a country, which is unfortunately in pieces. where the majority of its inhabitants are humble and working class, can they benefit from all these cases?

A cry for Venezuela.

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