Top 10 Favorite Movies

Do you like watching movies? I do, and where do I do that? The sites I often watch movies on include Disney plus, Netflix and Videoland.

Now I have to say that I do have several things that I like, for example, sports or meeting with friends. But sometimes it's just nice and nice when you lie down on the bed or sit on the couch with a cup of tea and then watch a movie.

That's why I'm going to talk about my top 5 movies!

First and foremost, I love Disney movies like the Lion King. It's just super fun to watch. I often have that with these kinds of films I always cry pretty fast, but never get enough of them.

Number two is Hachi. Hachi is a movie about a dog and his owner. He's so loyal to his boss. But when his boss is dying, Hachi is always waiting for him! Probably most of you have seen this film and if not it is highly recommended to watch it.

Number 3 says Star wars. I just can't say more about these films than that it's super cool to watch not everyone will love this, but I love watching it and since it has multiple parts you could possibly make a marathon.

At number 4 is Jumanji, this is highly recommended to watch it is about students and when they play a video game they teleport in the video game where they experience a whole adventure. I really recommend watching this film not only because it is fat but also contains a lot of humor in which is always fun of course.

And last at number 5, high school musical, of this film there are three parts. It might be something I watched a lot in my childhood a few years ago. But still I look it is again. Almost everything comes in for music, singing and dancing. There is even speculation that there is still a part coming only with other actors.

This was my top five favorite movies. Do you also let us know what your top 5 is? #films #top5