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Top Five Female Singers In The World!

We love listening to songs, for some, it is an art, it is the way of forgetting problems, for some, it is an activity that calms the mind. We all have different reasons for listening to songs. People have distinct choices when it comes to the kind of music they love listening to. Some like to listen to soft music, some like to listen to pop songs, some would like to listen to romantic songs, and more! So here we have come up with a list of the top 5 female singers in the world.


Rihanna has a unique and amazing voice which we all love to hear. Her songs are very catchy with good lyrics. Whenever we listen to her songs it refreshes us, they all are cool songs. There is no one in the world who has not heard her name. Every song feels like it is something new, we never feel that it is similar to any of her previous songs. Rihanna is very charming and has a great personality.

Ariana Grande

Ariana is one of the most popular singers in the world! She has a very soothing voice, she is considered the best vocalist. She has become the Queen of the pop world. Her songs like 7 rings made people listen to her day and night. She has a crazy fan following on social media platforms. Ariana sings high notes so perfectly that it looks effortless. She has an excellent personality and is very cute.

Selena Gomez

Selena started her career at a very young age, she had a great fan following from the beginning. People love to listen to her, all the songs have incredible lyrics! She is one of the cutest singers in the world. Her songs are very catchy, her fans listen to her songs on loop. She has a sweet and kind nature, this adds a lot to her personality. She sings many kinds of songs and all are good to listen to.


Sia has a mesmerizing voice! She is an extraordinarily talented singer who is also a songwriter. Sia has a unique personality, people like to watch her sing. People find it difficult to sing along while listening to her songs, it's difficult to copy her style. Her songs have millions of views, her fans wait for her songs because they know she will only make the songs that are worth listening to. Songs like cheap thrills make people dance easily while songs like elastic heart fill a person with energy.

Katy Perry

Katy has a unique and strong voice. Her songs like the roar make people energetic. She sings difficult notes effortlessly, her fans think that she doesn't even need to prepare for a concert, she can sing anytime with the same energy.
These were the top five female singers in the world. Hope you liked reading it! We would like to know who according to you is the best singer, comment below.

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