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Top five outdoor holiday activities in Dalmatia, Croatia


Allow me to explain to you in short terms why Croatia should be on your bucket list as a traveler and nature lover, especially if you are a fan of adventure on the rivers and on the sea. Then, my reader, please imagine you choose Croatia as your perfect full adventure destination because I got you all covered with this six-day full adventure and active outdoor vacation! :D

And please, humor me till the end, and let me guide you through whole days of unforgettable adventure for maximum nature experience and active vacation in Croatia, meaning you are ready for lot’s of camping and campfire’s, sleeping in a tent, or even under the night’s sky, it’s totally up to you! Do I have you onboard?

Just relax, take a deep breath and let’s ride! :D

This summer I got fired, several times if I may add, from the job I adore. Not trying to get a bad marketing campaign for my shelf here thank you no, but COVID — 19 and few other factors. Nevertheless, I adored that job! Job description: river guide! Showing people hidden gems of Croatia and sharing the joy water has to offer! And trust me, it has to offer a lot, especially if you are into water sports like kayaking, or even better — packrafting! To get a scene of what I'm talking about watching a few of my previous posts may help to understand better: 

I love the first photo of this article. It’s one of our “coming back for more type of happy guests that come on Zrmanja especially demanding us to be their guides. I remember that feeling of accomplishment and pride that they come back to Croatia and wanted us as a team again! He’s taking this spontaneous photo of the group with me cheering and singing Rolling on the river by Tina Turner on the picnic brake. For me, this moment perfectly describes our passion to share adventures with complete strangers and friends at the same time! When I say we, I do not think of me and my imaginary friends, I talk about my partner and support in everything I do in life. :D

Being sacked the second time this season, hurt me badly. I did not understand how it’s possible to love something so much, jet still does not being able to find a way to do it?! On the pest place on Earth to do it?! From those who did not notice jet, I’m Kika from Croatia. Nice to meet you, dear reader!

But then I stumbled on the photo above on my phone once again… freedom and beauty, good vibes and sunshine, cold water, and the widest smile you can get — hit me like a boomerang! The most exciting part was and still is: it all lives inside my heart forever and ever, without questions asked. As it will and it shall in my writings, since already my heart’s hidden passion — you’ll never guess — is writing! Genius idea’s born: writing about adventure tourism in Croatia and offer my knowledge to others hoping to inspire for unique adventure experience and spectacular natural landscapes designed by water in Croatia!

Life already told me its version of “Kafka and the doll” episode with a similar message:

Love can’t be lost. Only birth in a different form.That’s how this article was made!

For the perfect soundtrack during the reading, I strongly advise you next song:

Day 1: Rafting on Cetina river and Zipline over the canyon

Split is one of the well-known cities for tourist vacations in Croatia and only few kilometers away is one in a row of beautiful rivers and canyons full of caves, waterfalls, and wonders waiting to be explored! The name of the place is Omiš, and river Cetina is one of the spring drinkable water in Croatia! Place of pure joy and fun for adventure seekers — going on the river by the raft with a skipper and your crew pedaling together, going through river waterfalls and fast rapids, exploring caves, cliff jumping, and swimming in a crystal clear river. Also, Zipline is available in the near for an even better experience of the canyon. After whole excitement and an adrenaline rush, food is next on the line: local restaurant with view on the canyon and the river! Setting a camp in one of robinzons camp can be cheap way to get most of the landscape and nature adventure, so we’re spending a night in a tent for getting a nice quality rest in peace of nature in the area.

®Rafting Pirate Omis, Croatia

Day 2: Unforgettable landscape islands on the Adriatic sea - NP Kornati

As we are set and ready to leave behind the beautiful Split area, we move our camp near the Zadar region! Zadar’s region has become one of the best places for an active vacation in Dalmatia, Croatia! Pakoštane, Drage, Biograd na moru — all suitable places for ranting a small robinzon house for your adventure vacation or put your own tent or other way of preferred (auto camp tailor maybe)! For mountain lovers and hikers, NP Paklenica and North Velebit are just a few miles away. Park of nature Vransko Lake is also one of the natural phenomena that the Zadar region offers. Anyway, if you are looking for a sea adventure, your next stop should definitely be NP Kornati. Labyrinth of stony islands on Adriatic sea — that’s the Kornati with all 89 islands that make this beauty! For me personally, there's a line of the special stones on which humans can admire because it’s like Earth's showing her crown! Showing her flesh and soul embedded to sea — on the 82m above the sea level — mountel it shelf!

National Park Kornati from the air (by Dario Šarić)

Dolomite and limestone rocks exposed to the influence of weather and time make unforgettable landscapes on land, but under the sea also! All-day boat trip with breakfast and lunch can be provided (starting points all around the coast on the line from Šibenik to Zadar!) with a professional guide to give you historical and geomorphological background for a deeper island Kornati experience.Snorkeling is allowed 50m from shore so make sure you bring your mask and flappers!

Day 3: Kayaking on Zrmanja River and (optional) hiking on Krupa’s Kuda bridge

As you are already in the Zadar region, you can’t miss the unique river Zrmanja and kayaking experience under professional guidance, super safe kayaks, and the amazing nature of the canyon. Fun fact, did you ever watched any of the old Winnetou movies from 1960? It’s a classic and “must watch” for those with the intention to visit Zrmanja Canyon — because those movies were filmed exactly there!

View priest Pane had every morning on Zrmanja i Krupa canyon, by Child of Nature

River Zrmanja’s 96km long from which we will be pedaling cca 11km — depends on how fast you’d master the few easy pedaling technics and you’re set to go! Just a little preview of how untouched and beautiful this place is! The picture up is showing a view from the highest point in the canyon on which somebody actually lived, therefore remains of the stone house woven in rocks are still there, challenging the time its self! A person who lived there was priest Pane from orthodoxy monastery Krupa, a river that flotes to Zrmanja, making her beautiful Big waterfall ever bigger and stronger, as do the river elements after this point: meaning more fun, waterfalls, and rapids :D Back to the story, during the Osmanian impaired occupation, their faith and ceremonies were banned and it was dangerous times for monastery and priests. But Pane was fireless, he builds a house and performs his duties as a priest. It cost him his head, but the stone of a house still stands like a reminder of how strong the power of will can be.

Caves underneath the High waterfall itself, by Child of Nature

Pedaling, having fun, going through rapids and waterfalls from our starting point (Kaštel Žegarski) thill the end of the trip in the Muškovci where you can set a camp and sleep on the coast of a river listening to sounds of waterfalls and letting your soul enjoy with all senses available — view, smell, laughter, and peace at the same time! Not to mention the local restaurants with local vegetables and meat! :D

As I mention, Krupa Monastery is also one of the places you may be into visiting or even camping. Historically and legendary rich place for the area for the soft travelers, but much more interesting is the start point of a hiking trail leading into a canyon and spectacular view on one and only — Krupa river and its a special stone made bridge locally known as Kuda’s bridge! Legend sees that Kuda’s young fella from a village nearby but on the other side of the river Krupa — in order to have a proper traditional wedding he build a bridge so that he can come with his wingmen and wider family circle for his beloved bride! Love can move mountains they say, but it also makes bridges! After the easy peasy hike there is a picnic on the menu with a guaranteed fairytale scenario made by Mother Nature. Sounds lovely? Wait until I tell you Krupa’s UNESCO protected because it’s specific river tufa growth! A combination of that fact with the next one will blow your mind away: nineteen spectacular waterfalls on only 7km in the total long river — the highest point 1404m above the sea level! Never stops amazes me, her beauty is permanently written in my veins!

Hiking view while going on Kuda’s bridge and on river Krupa, by Child of Nature

One really easy ferate on Krupa perfect for beginners, swimming and photographing, exploring sounds like real deal for an attractive outdoor activity in on a purest place nature can offer!

Last waterfall on river Krupa, reachable by kayak trough Zrmanja!, by Child of Nature

Except for Kuda’s bridge trail, you can take another direction for hardcore expeditioner starting from Krupa Manastir to High waterfall on Zrmanja!

Be aware of the terrain you are on — meaning it’s all limestone and dolomite rock and it’s not very stable except you have super goat abilities or at least cloven hoofs - and be smart about it — meaning having the basic gear, sun protection, water supply, vistlle and make sure you checked the weather. But kayak is the fare best way to visit the High waterfall and the whole experience on Zrmanja river!

Day 4: Discovering island Rab from a back of a horse

Swedish table for breakfast this morning? Yes please! ®Hourseback riding Croatia

Self-explanatory, there is no better synergy than one between man, his horse, and an island, especially if it is magical like Rab is! Horseback riding for beginners and advanced riders, on a horse riding trail trough Dundo’s forest all up to the sea for a magnificent view on the beach Prištine. Plenty of places hidden places for nude swimming, camping, and exploring! Do I have to ride… I mean, write more?! :D

5 & 6 day—grand finally — kayaking (downstream and upstream) and camping on the river Mrežnica

We move our camping fire more to the northeast part of Croatia. Starting point: Primišlje. For full adventure and epic end of the route — two whole days’s on the river Mrežnica. Two days on the river with the canoe and a guide, exploring and making unforgettable memories to share with your friends back home! So from Primišlje till the first robinzon camp down the river! Waterfalls, swimming, snorkeling, photo shutting, cave exploring, the unique landscape of a canyon — all in downstream on our route of the river! Tends, hammock or even renting a small cotage is your sleeping option once we reached the camp, as well it is domestic cuisine and local specialty custom made just for you.

On the second day, we pedal some more from our camp, on the river Mrežnica upstream, until we reach our final goal: the nice restaurant placed on the river called Zeleni Kut. Perfect spot for resting hungry and tired kayakers! Friendly and helpful staff and domestic cuisine. After the food, it’s easy: access to river 0 m away, explore the waterfall, snorkeling, pedal boarding, or maybe sand volleyball playing. Or you had enough of adventure for a while- in that case, meet me at the bar for the beer and tell me all about your Croatia nature experience! :D


Spending a nice last night around the fire pit laughing about memories we created together, enjoyable moments we shared through nature. And while I wonder about how nature connects us all on some deeper level, you may think, my reader, is this girl even for real? Six days just for chasing the sun’s reflection on the water? Sleeping with no roof under my head?

Let me ask you a question. How many of you have the opportunity to even witness, with your eyes, the existence of the Milky Way? Or have seen another planet of the Solar system with the bare eye? How many of you living in the cloudy cities and today's lifestyles make you forgot the lookup, at the night sky, to know how even look’s like?

I had that guest on a multiday trip. She had complaints about her accommodation (read: tent) in which she did not wanna get inside when she saw the beauty of the night sky without the moon beside the river's waterfall! True story bro! After some time, she mailed to me that she and her husband made a firepit in their backyard. I was so happy because I knew my love toward showing those places and sharing, deeply affected her to make some changes in life, small but meaningful, that reminds her more of how the night sky looks like, or how does the fire feels on the skin — small things that connect us with nature of nature. Answer on what is the nature of the nature, in my experience, is always the love! It’s the main reason why humans have the need to go back to nature.

Going back to yourself in a matter of philosophical speaking! :D

So that is it, my dear adventurous reader, maybe see you in Croatia one day! Just make sure you make a call first, and we are set to do this adventure! :D

Scenciurosly Yours,

Child of Nature

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