Yoors top 10 of SEPTEMBER 2020

We've seen a few people do the #top10 and we got inspired. Every month we will release the top 10 posts of the month. But we want to spice it up a little! What's a top 10 without an explanation and introduction to the creator? The condition to appear in our top 10 series is just to make a post with good quality. We would like to give you the attention you deserve for creating such wonderful posts. The statistics speak for itself, these posts got the most views and/or votes within this month.

  • The number 1 pick will become the beneficiary of this post and receive all the YP
  • In each of our episodes , we will include 5 or more honorable mentions on the bottom, which we choose ourselves.
  • All posts included in this post will receive a gift (bundle of 100 YP) on the respective post for this achievement

Thanks to Fairshare, some posts even resurfaced that have escaped our attention from a few years ago. And we are in love! I am so excited for this, are you? All posts are sorted in random order. Keep in mind that these statistics are a snapshot of today's numbers, they can differ from when you are reading this post. Well, here we go:

  19 votes

@Rudy Siedlecki 🌳 published a post on how he transformed an Azalea plant he received into a bonsai. He explains that tending to it is not as easy as it seems and that bonsai plants can grow to become centuries old.

Follow Rudy to find out more about bonsai and arboreta in general.

  17 votes

@enigma created a post on how to draw a city with colored chalk on black paper. She has made a step by step tutorial, it's kid-friendly and everyone can try it out at home! Her result came out to be very beautiful. 

Want to try this idea? Or are you looking for even more crafts, tutorials or recipes? Then you can check out her page!

22 votes

@Chalija shared with us a very fun hobby for adults. Do you like coloring and would like to do this on your smartphone? No problem, she tells us all that we have to do to get it started. Also shares with us a variety of coloring pages that she has already filled in beautifully.

Follow her for more cool artsy ideas and blogs about lifestyle.

  35 votes

@Ingrid Tips en meer wrote a detailed post about the new Yoors Feature for boosters, helping the Yoors Team explain boosters to everyone who has been having difficulties understanding.

Follow her if you want more tutorials, guides or tips about Yoors, but also about other things in general.

29 votes

@ellesvandenbroek managed to capture a cute looking hornet using macrophotography. How lucky is that one hornet posing there. Hopefully she got credited for her work. Modelling is not an easy job! :P. 

Visit elles' page for more posts and handy tips about professional photography and camera's.

32 votes

@peerke70 announced to us what he has been working on behind the scenes these past few months. He has published a new book that's ready to be bought! His book of 94 pages is full of poems, double meanings and more. He used his knowledge about expressions, proverbs and sayings to complete this book.

Visit his page to view more funny little writings.

  33 votes

  @Mirelle-Creametkids who made this huge overview full of artsy ideas for this and every single autumn to come. It started out as a simple overview with 12 crafts and has now expanded to at least 145!

Keep up with this overview and more creations that she shares with us on a weekly basis by following her page.

    30 votes

@Grote neuzen en puntoren share with us how their comics with Uncle Roon, Soofje and Luc finally resulted into a comic book (GNeP) and that now the second edition is finally out.

They are seriously very cute and funny. Follow them for more of Uncle Roon and Soofje's adventures.

  24 votes

  @De Knutseljuf Ede made a post on how to make this cute peepbox. This box is perfect for autumn as it consists out of hedgehogs made out of pine cones, shrooms and more!

Follow her for more artsy and craftsy ideas, which she attempts to post several times a week!

Nr. 1 pick: I feel cheerful because of Yoors

@Steffen Meijer surprised us all with his lengthy and sentimental post about what receiving a booster from Yoors members meant to him. He managed to describe exactly what we wanted to achieve with boosters. Which made us all feel very emotional about it. "The idea that someone gives you Yoors Points already knowing from beforehand that you will make beautiful articles with it. ". That's exactly why we developed boosters. If someone buys you boosters, it's because they believe in you and your content.

Visit his page for more powerful messages, experiences and every day routines. His way of writing really pulls you in to read his posts all the way to the end!

32 votes


@Evert Kwok who always make us laugh with their funny cartoons and word jokes

@Dana who created this engaging challenge for Yoors members to create a header photo for her

@moeze shocked us all with a building she photographed and came out beautifully for the black and white challenge

@Gertiena who took these wonderful magical looking pictures of the first shrooms who popped out this autumn

@Astrid Hoog who made this surreal picture of a spiderweb decorated with raindrops in the mist

@Adriana who went through her time and effort to create a video tutorial to explain Yoors Boosters in detail

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