Tortillataart from the pan

You have little dishes with, if I say so myself, genius solution. All in one pan. Lid on it, wait a minute and then.... Hoppa, easier can hardly. Ideal anyway?! Little dishes. #watthwetoday
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Tomorrow walk
#nature Every morning I take the dog for a walk. Where with goes along Flemish roads comes with animals and plants. Usually they are plants that I will not sow in my garden myself, but they still make sure that our roadside can color very nicely. I came across purple dead nettle and white dead nettle and also the buttercup in various forms and the dandelion itself is beautiful in its way. The yellow rapeseed can also be found here. If you're lucky like today, I see a little violet blooming in a small corner. Also Bella the cow and Boe the bull were out and a few chickens flee from my dog when I put them in the picture. Just enjoy a while.
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Digital Art illustration tutorial
A while ago, I asked if you would like a video where I showed you how I actually make my digital illustrations. And here it is now finally! I tried to explain everything as best I could. For the rest, I'll show you how I drew my illustration. I explained it with text (in English) so that everyone can follow this little tutorial. I will soon also create a comprehensive blog post with more information about all the tools I use. In the video I explained it briefly but I think it will certainly be an added value if I explain it in more detail so that you will understand the tools better. So it still follows! Should you have any questions, or are there still ambiguities?. Then let me know! Ohja! So far, I drew everything without eyes, lips.. This time I tried to do this, and I think it worked quite well. #iwantthisbooster #drawing