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Professor Sima also wrapped a towel on his head to isolate the stench. He listened to me shouting, but did not answer. He directly slapped me on the head and said, "Boy, what's your name? I saved your life, but you don't appreciate it. Didn't you see anything wrong outside just now?" I was puzzled by Professor Sima's slap, and I heard him say that there was something wrong outside. I was also very puzzled. But when I was outside just now, I just looked at the sunshine, and I really didn't see anything else clearly. Except for a few sounds like roars, I really didn't see anything unusual! Not only did I put my head slightly out of the exit of the hole in the ground, but I put my hand on top of my head to cover up the dazzling sunlight that came down from above. Only then did I see a little bit of what was going on outside. However, this look only made me gasp in surprise and immediately cough. Professor Sima behind me heard the sound of my cough and quickly pulled me back. Said in a low voice, "You boy, how can you not even cough? Do you want to surprise the big guy above?" Now I was lying on the ground of the hole, still in shock, and my mind was full of the scene outside the hole,Portable gold trommel, and my heart said, what is that place, the burial pit? Damn, why is it so horrible and disgusting? I think it's more like a rotten meat mountain! The position I had just drilled out was the bottom of a huge and amazing hole. From the place where I stood, I could see that all kinds of bones were piled up all around. Although I had no research on bones, I could see that most of these mountain-like piles of bones were actually human bones,magnetic separator machine, which were listed layer by layer, almost filling the bottom of this huge hole. But what shocked and surprised me most was that the layers of bones were covered with piles of rotting corpses of unknown animals, so many and so large that I was so surprised that I couldn't breathe. The disgusting scenes of rotting corpses and human bones used to appear in dreams, but now they are vividly displayed in front of me. And bursts of stench constantly stimulate my nose and nerves, how can I not panic! Professor Sima covered my nose and mouth. I was just thinking about the disgusting scene I had just seen outside. When I heard Professor Sima say something about the big guy, I was so excited that I came to my senses and remembered that there really seemed to be a big black guy lying there on the top of the hole just now. Now when Professor Sima mentioned it, I also had a little impression. "Uncle Sima, did you see that big guy just now? What was it?" He asked. Professor Sima nodded and said, "What is it? Hey, didn't you see it just now? It's a big corpse cicada. But this is much bigger than the one we saw over there. I guess this is the real guardian beast in this cave tomb!"! Really, I thought I could get out of here, gold shaking table ,coltan ore processing, but I didn't think there was a big guy waiting for us here! I put my handkerchief around my nose and put my head out of the hole, and saw that on the edge of the highest part of the stinking hole, there was a big, black, triangular head of an insect exposed there, with a long, sharp beak and mouth swinging back and forth, baring its teeth and claws like the big corpse cicada in the cave ahead. But the body of this corpse cicada is much bigger than the one we have seen, and the color looks much brighter. Although it is also black and shiny, the surface of this guy's black and shiny shell is still faintly golden. Lying there, the golden and black shell reflects the sunlight on the top of the cave, shaking the eyes! I saw that the black guy was very leisurely at the moment, as if there was no sign of looking down here at all. I was relieved. I drew back and looked at Professor Sima and said, "Uncle Sima, I also saw that the big guy was really outside, but it seems that he hasn't found us yet!"
Professor Sima nodded, then pulled my father over and let him look at the situation outside. Although my father was so surprised that he almost didn't fall outside, he was more experienced than me after all. He quickly turned around and looked at Professor Sima and me. He asked, "It's very dangerous outside. What should I do?" By this time, Professor Sima had already told the people behind us about the situation outside the hole. Everyone was too shocked to speak. Anji moved over from behind and changed positions with me. He lay down at the hole and looked out. Then he retreated and frowned and said, "Uncle Sima, there seems to be a step over there. It should be able to go up." But the big corpse cicada is really a problem, and I don't know how long it can stay here. We are all frowning speechless, that big guy to wait until when to leave, I am afraid only God and its own know! But everyone's mood is not how depressed, suddenly heard a noise outside, Professor Sima shouted: "Well, this big guy moved!" " Several of us hurriedly pushed our heads to the door of the cave to see the situation, and I saw a "rumbling" sound coming from the top of my head. The big corpse cicada was really shaking its black body and climbing up, running around back and forth on the top, with an amazing momentum, and sometimes with a "whirring" roar or two. His head kept swinging left and right at the bright light of the sun in the sky. He didn't know what he was doing. We were puzzled and confused. Angie suddenly pointed to the sunlight and shouted: "Look at the bright light overhead. There are some black things flying down from it!" As soon as Angie's cry was over, I felt a sudden change in the sunlight overhead. Looking up, I saw something like a thin black cloud floating down from above, blocking the straight light,gold heap leaching, and a buzzing sound came over. Dad and Professor Sima were surprised and said, "What is that?"? A flying black fog? Angie's face changed and she cried, "Aren't those black mists a swarm of dragon queen bees? How did they get into this tomb?"