Treat Cute Dog from White Butter Cream on Cupcake

These are delicious, but also very cute cupcakes, decorated with white butter cream. And the dog that hangs above is the sweetest thing! Yoke Overeem baked and made the cupcakes. The inspiration came from Dr. Oetker's recipe. But there was the little dog gray. And because Yoke had a white dog herself, she made the white version, which looked better like her dog.

Source grey dog: Dr. Oetker

Do you want to bake funny cupcakes?

Click HERE for the whole recipe Doggy Cupcake, it is on the website of Dr. Oetker.

Instead of using black food dye, you need to get the white dogsno dyes to add the butter cream!

Spray with thesmallest whipped cream syringe, with which you just make tufs. You make the eyes out of black marzipan.

Joke made the dog cakes a few years ago. She was then in her “cupcake time” and wanted to see what all could be done. Most of all baked cupcakes areto schoolgone, as a treat. Especially the cookie monster cupcakes had great success and were eaten monstrously quickly by the children...

You probably have seen the above picture before. Joke says: “That picture has been stolen so many times without asking. I've seen him on the Internet so many times, on Swedish and American websites. All without my permission. Of course, the Knutseldamer has permission now! I really like that I can share the recipe with you in this way.”

The name of the sweet white dog, which is shown above in the picture, isPepito. He's from Spain, and he was a heavily abused and neglected puppy. He's a mix, but we don't know what. Probably poodle and a terrier, so we don't know the exact age. But the important thing is that he's a sweetheart. Meanwhile he has grown old and unfortunately a bit blind, but it is still a sweetheart!


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