Treehood at 5G?

The goal of the New World Order is to introduce 5g as soon as possible.
It could be an improvement for the current Internet.
Many voices have also been voiced that there are serious health risks.
It leads to an increase in cancer cases and several people suffer from the intense radiation.
Also, in order to obtain a greater reach, many trees have to be cut down, especially in the cities.
In addition, it is claimed that it is a requirement to obtain biomassed for the extraction of energy.
Now the case is that trees give an ideal storage of CO2, which has a detrimental effect on the objectives of the IPCC, namely to obtain a neutral economy for the preservation of climate objectives.
The pursuit of climate-neutral economy in this way is so unscientific that it is necessary to doubt the correct intention of the politicians such as Soros, Prince Charles de pedo and the girl Greta Thunberg, who has become the symbol and face of climate goals.
Stupidity rules us, and it is a miracle that so many journalists working in our media continue this indoctrination.
I see the desperate resistance on Twitter from people who already know everything about the expiring types of the Illuminati, who can only stand up with a good dose of drugs.
It's unfortunate that a girl like Greta was unwittingly a victim of this.
I was once kicked out here on Yoors, that I believed in chemtrails, I was a conspiracy man or something.
However, everyone is free to inform themselves about this. The Internet and Social Media are very useful for that.
Unfortunately, many do not want a small group of people to be so agile with the media.
that it seems that anyone who protests is an ugly anarchist with illegitimate purposes.
So I first support the trees and I no longer see any salvation in worrying for humanity.
People will still invent or reuse many bioweapons like Corona to force everyone into a total lockdown.
Incidentally, it does not hurt that some people are forced to separate themselves to make the brain work so that good juices go from the heart to the brain and think about how to proceed
with humanity, having allowed themselves to be persuaded by a so-called elite (nobility, robbery and scum)
work for them.
The hands have fallen into the hands of Wall Street speculators and they are making money for many secret experiments, and those rich are doing a lot of good.
Pizzagate has shown us the moral level of this Cabal, there is no point in mentioning the names of all
these people, but it is striking, that in our so-called “free press” these names with penchant and in a
kind of adoring love.
It seems that precisely in so much plagued America since the murder of Kennedy, there is more and more a
Reformatory undercurrent has started to rage.
This undercurrent swore a special vengeance and the fight with the Mafia, which was by Kennedy
started has found a new torchbearers in Trump, which is again reminiscent of the old
torch bearers of the P.V.D.A,
Trump will prove to be a top figure (no matter how much he is being blamed at the moment, but that is
the fate of prophets. They also speculate that Kennedy Jr. is still alive and revenge on the Clint Took and the
Bushcronies will take.
One does not have to count on it, but there is nothing that surprises us.
It will be a clash of biblical dimensions and we can be happy
if we can go through this. #QANON
#THEGREATAWAKENING #WHEREWEGOONEWEGOALL (slogan on the bell of the ship of Kennedy) it is also the motto of the Republicans.
It appears that the Republicans, although they are right and conservative, are still
have healthy principles such as family values and family as the cornerstone of society.
This also explains why 750,000 American soldiers have arrived in Europe.
without any attention being paid to it in the press.