TreeTag makes the importance of trees visible

Do you know how much oxygen that one tree supplies you in the street? Or how many gallons of rainwater he's holding? A so-called 'TreeTag' (poster) tells you how important the tree is in your area. Residents are involved because they can 'tag' their own favourite tree.

At more than 150 locations throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, England and Sweden, this action draws attention to the importance of trees. For example, the posters indicate how much air pollution the tree captures and how much oxygen the tree supplies.

The posters are from the organizations Treeconomics and Pius Floris Tree Care. With the TreeTag action, they want to draw attention to the added value of trees from a wide audience. “Trees are essential for livable cities,” says Jan Willem de Groot, franchise manager of Pius Floris Tree Care. “Especially in the light of climate change, we need to be much more economical on the trees we have.”

De Groot: “Municipalities have seen the value of trees for longer. But the general public does not always realize how important trees are. We believe it is important that everyone knows that trees retain rainwater, provide oxygen, help keep the temperature in cities liveable and catch air pollution. This will contribute to the fact that we all attach more importance to trees and so we will plant and preserve more trees.”

How can residents participate? Residents can also provide their own favorite tree with a #TreeTag to spread the added value of trees even wider!