Tropical ecosystems

Tropical ecosystems

Since arriving in this country I was admired with its gardens, I have already shown some photographs of its nature but this time I decided to do some research about the palm trees that surround the place.

Around the world there are more than 2500 species of palm trees, many of which were known to grow on land with a good groundwater supply, however, they are also more abundant in humid areas, with less fertile soils and shallow groundwater . #naturephotography  

I'll be showing a series of palm tree species used in

gardening in the residence where I am now and they serve to decorate the spaces.

Among the species that exist on our planet, I want to pay special attention to those that stand out for their ornamental value.

In the photo you can see the Phoenix dactylifera. 

This is of African origin. The date palm is one of the tallest species, reaching more than 15 meters high. 

So if you are looking for tall palm trees for your home or land, this is a good option. 

It's oddly beautiful. 

It needs high temperatures and sun to produce its known fruit: the date. 

It can be found anywhere in this residence.


See also washingtonia robusta, also known as mexican fan palm tree,
is widely grown as a decorative plant in avenues and boulevards due to its trunk and showy leaves.


It's important to know that palm trees can mitigate climate change

as they are the largest carbon reserves in the lower tropics. 

Personal photos: Fort myers. florida us