Trust... "a particularly good”, right...?

Good morning,

Monday night, during which anything can happen at the beginning of a new day.

Everything new always gives one or more opportunities, to regain your own.

An opportunity to become richer together, an experience is born.

An experience that can go in two directions. You will experience this when something/someone does not suit you, or you will grow what you get energy from and which will then be an addition to your life.

Your feelings are extremely important, because it can make you, but it can also break you.

Surrender, allowing and experiencing this bond or situation and staying open to this rapprochement are then decisive for “trust”.

Trust is developed through uniform energies, open communication and eye contact. Once aware of this, you show more and more of yourself and your vulnerable side will become visible piece by piece (more).

More and more is the realisation that this is not a binding of a superficial contact but one that goes deeper. Where vulnerability is “ordinary”.

Allowing in the familiar “comfort” and in your “safety” will not happen just like that. It's a great gesture to allow others into this zone of your own.

An area where “being” in itself is seen as “normal, vulnerable and accessible”, but also as being sincere and respectful towards each other, is seen.

Once within these lines, you will appreciate that honesty and trust is given both in every situation and in every answer.

The most feasible can, once this is damaged, suddenly disappear, so you can no longer look each other in the eye and then “the good faith” that was (already) built up will not return quickly, or even not at all.

Trust... "a particularly good”, right...?

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Greetings, Mitch Peters

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