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Songs: Queen - Say It's Not True (ft. Paul Rodgers)
Kodaline - Love Like This (acoustic)


At eighteen, Renesmee had just finished her first year of community college. She had made great friends, memories... but no lovers yet. No matter how hard she had tried, she couldn't find the one. She had searched everywhere. Alas, no boy or girl had caught her eye. Until spring break. Renesmee had come back home, to Forks, to spend time with her family. She hadn't expected to found love with the boy who had never let a single hair fall down from her head. She hadn't expected to lose her innocence to the man who had imprinted on her.

At that moment, nothing  hadmattered. Not even his past with her mom.


At nineteen, Jacob would visit her every vacation possible. Renesmee had shown him the whole of Port Angeles. Her friends and colleagues had accepted Jacob in their circle, rooting for them.


At twenty, Renesmee and Jacob had gone to their first music festival. That had been where he had proposed to her. Nothing fancy, no getting down on one knee with his deceased mother's ring. Just a simple proposal, while drinking soda.

Jacob had taken a sip of his, "Do you wanna get married?"

Renesmee had chuckled, "As long as it's not in Vegas."


At twenty-one, Renesmee and Jacob would share drunken kisses and go on road trips to watch the sunset. Blissful youth.


At twenty-two, when they had been financially able to afford it, Renesmee and Jacob had finally tied the knot. Her auntie Alice and auntie Rosalie had been mad at first, but in the end, had had no other choice but to be happy for their niece.

The wedding itself hadn't been anything special - simply a civil marriage at the town hall and a party afterwards. Exactly the way the young family had wanted it.


At twenty-three, a year after graduating from community college had been when the trouble had begun.

When they had been able to afford it, the young family had finally gone away to have a proper honeymoon. After that, they would start work.

At least that had been the plan for Renesmee.

Something had ruined it. Almost.

Something little, called "a baby".

Renesmee had been in shock. She hadn't been able to tell anyone. She had known Jacob would be elated. He had always wanted a daughter - to name her Sarah, after his late mother.

But that hadn't been what Renesmee had wanted. She herself had been alive for so short - how was she going to be a mother?

And so she had made her choice. Jacob, having learned about it from other people, had been furious. How could his wife not tell him she was pregnant? How could she decide something so important without him?

How could she abort their baby?

From then on, their relationship had never been the same.


At twenty-four, Jacob had declared he wanted a divorce. Renesmee had been heartbroken but had agreed. That had been for the best. She wanted him to be happy.


A year had passed. They both had tried looking for love somewhere else. Eventually, one of had found it in the place he had least expected - La Push. Jacob had married Leah who had become a successful lawyer. She had been the one to help with the divorce procedure. The elders had been happy. Secretly they had been rooting for Jacob and Leah to be together. It made sense - the alpha and the first female shifter. Together, they could produce even stronger wolves than the imprinting estimated.


Now, Renesmee and Jacob had separate lives. Not so young anymore, Jacob now aged alongside his new wife, Leah Clearwater and their daughters Willow and Harriet, who were the pride and joy of the Reservation with their academical records and the fact that they attended a prep school in Port Angeles.

Meanwhile, Renesmee had met Seth again in Seattle and they had decided to move to Canada, where Renesmee became a successful blogger and Seth worked in a call centre. They were happy together. They really were. It was like Seth belonged with Renesmee. Sometimes second marriages worked out the best. And that was the case for Renesmee.

Alas, one thing was missing from their lives - children. Renesmee, after having aborted her first child, was unable to conceive. But she and Seth decided to adopt and soon their Craftsman house would be full of youngster's laughter beside theirs and the barking of their dog.


And despite their happy endings, neither Renesmee nor Jacob would forget the love they had lived... and the choices they had made to lead to today. For better and for worse.

THE CHOICES WE MAKE (a twilight one-shot)