Two fabulous days...

Yesterday we went on the road. We were going to see a house in Friesland, but the owner had become ill. So that did not go through, but because we also had an appointment in Groningen, we could still drive along the house. Both the front and back of the house we were able to view and...

It disappointed me anyway!

In real life, it looked less good than initially thought. This was mainly due to the layout of the lot, I must confess quite frankly. Actually in a kind of L-shape, which allows you to drive behind the neighbor's house, with a car into the backyard, so to speak. In addition, I found the shed some small eyes, although on Funda said that it would be more than 5 meters wide. Anyway, we can write him off the list anyway.

After that we drove towards the province of Groningen where we had agreed and were allowed to store things. Since we have a leak in the barn, I had to store some stuff elsewhere. Groningen is not around the door now, but because it is stuff that we do not need in the short term, they entered the garage box with someone behind the house. Also 'our trailer 'is there in a warehouse, that have is always there. And I say 'ours' because it actually belongs to him, but we have been using it for a few years and only have him in a warehouse with him in the winter. Early April I will probably pick it up again and I can use it again for the camping season. As soon as we find a house where the trailer can stand in the winter, the trailer stays with us. We're not allowed to use it alone, but more or less it's been awarded to us.


Today we continued our journey to Drenthe. The above header is the main building of Camping de Reeënwissel. Already four seamen we are standing there with a mobile home. And everything looked neat. Just emptied the water eaters and put in new bags.

At the campsite there is a lot of renovation. Two fields have been completely removed and forest sheath has also been removed. Now 3 new fields come back for this. It looks and now bald, but the contours of the fields are or will be.

Anyway, there's a lot of work going on, and that's nice to see.


From the beautiful Drenthe (which was really coming home), we were still crossed through Friesland. Viewed a number of places and properties we had seen on Funda. All in all there were some places or, which at first seemed suitable, but it turned out that there was not even a supermarket present... Well, where should I get the packs of coffee?

Yet also visited one place that is our favorite number one. What a nice place. Anyway, I'm not going to tell you which one, because we also want to see some other villages in another area or part of Friesland.

Anyway, we have a nice ride behind the bow and watched some nice places. The useful combined with the pleasant.


All photos are own photos, made today on Camping de Reeënwissel