Types of Cuisine Around the World

There are four main types of cuisine around the world. They are (in alphabetical order) Italian, German, Portuguese and Thai. The first two are quite different indeed.

Chinese cuisine is by far the most diverse in terms of taste and techniques. Chinese food combines several different regional styles with traditional Chinese medicinal remedies and cooking methods. 

The four types of Chinese cuisine that we will look at are Szechuan, Hunan, northern and western Chinese cooking, and coastal Chinese cooking. Szechuan cuisine is probably the most famous. It is characterized by its exotic spices and uses bamboo shoots as food.

Hunan cuisine is very spicy. It is from central Asia, and its influences include Central Asian countries like Bulgaria, Turkey, and Khiva, Mongolia. Hunan cuisines are characterized by their heavy sauces, meats, and noodles. Southern Chinese cooking and Hainanese cuisine are very different but share some common ground in ingredients and techniques. Hunan foods also frequently use starches such as wheat or maize to improve texture.

Northern Chinese cuisine falls between Szechuan and Hunan in the Chinese culinary world. Chinese people have always loved noodles, and this makes noodles a staple of any Chinese meal. Northern Chinese cuisines often use a variety of vegetables as staples but are very different in their tastes. Some are more robust than others, using vegetables that may not be so familiar to many Americans. 

Beef products are staples of Northern Chinese dishes. Nuts and grain are used sparingly and are an essential part of many types of Chinese food.

Seafood is a significant constituent of Chinese cuisine, and noodle dishes, in particular, are a significant specialty. The majority of Cantonese food is based on noodles, either in stir-fried noodles, stir-fried rice, or flat noodles. Rice dishes are also a specialty of Chinese cuisine and are pretty popular.

These types of dishes are best enjoyed with white wine. Some types of seafood are also not so well-liked in American Chinese food cultures.

Their intense flavors and rich aromas characterize southern Chinese cuisines. Food from Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Taiwan are sometimes included in this category. This type of Chinese cuisine often uses noodles of various types, both flat and spiral. Food from Guangdong is a different type of Chinese cuisine, and it is similar to Szechwan cooking in the way it is characterized by its bold spices and hot, aromatic peppers. Food from Hong Kong is characterized by the prevalence of dim sum, a Chinese sweet made by combining several types of fruit or dry fruits.

Western Chinese cuisines represent the most popular types of Chinese cuisine around the world. The cuisine of India has become very popular in the United States, mainly due in part to popular American Indian fusion dishes. The types of cuisine that can be classified as Indian include Bengali, Gujarati, and Pakistani. These types of food typically use chicken as the primary meat, along with rice and wheat. In most cases, curry is an integral part of the dish.

As was previously mentioned, each type of cuisine will fall into one of four categories, representing the broadest types of regional cooking. 

Chinese food is widely varied, with many sub-cuisine types, including Wok cooking and stir-frying. Indian food is highly diverse, with Hindu foods such as rice and chapatti being very similar to the North Indian cooking style. And then there are the Arabic varieties of Middle Eastern cuisine, including many delicious desserts. These types of cuisines have become extremely popular in the United States due to the popularity of restaurants such as Lebanese, Egyptian, and Mexican restaurants.

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