#fashion Hello friends, it is known to some that in the field of fashion, the form of clothing refers to a certain trend that is adopted by a large part of society. In the world of fashion, trends are being updated, colors, lines and textures change. Designers, clothing firms and advertising campaigns are responsible for setting the trend of the moment. Below we will describe how fashion is classified according to the forms of dress and what are its main garments:

Sports fashion
It occurs from the fusion of sport and leisure, where designs are sought for both sports and urban life

Sport fashion
This style manages the comfort of an urban and informal consumer who moves around the city all day. This fashion is often predominant in young people, who prefer to wear t-shirts, jeans and sneakers.

Casual fashion, This type of fashion is linked to casual, an informal style where there are no norms or criteria of elegance or seriousness. Casual fashion includes comfortable garments such as jean, sports pants, t-shirts and divers.

Haute couture fashion
This fashion refers to those garments that are made by professionals such as tailors or dressmakers tailored to the consumer. Generally, in haute couture fashion, expensive and sophisticated textiles are used, which are usually made by hand. Among the haute couture garments we can find dresses and apparel for gala and with exclusive designs.

These have been the main types of fashion that exist, if you are passionate about the world of fashion and trends, study and create your own designs.

Types of fashion that exist