Uitgescheurde lipwond

Weer even bezig geweest. Dit keer een uitgescheurde lipwond.
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Beach walk
Yesterday I wanted to go outside. I had the idea of going to a nature reserve nearby. The Crow's Nest, a redevelopment area in favor of the Grutto. But unfortunately.... the weather threw soot in the food. I had just parked my car and walked to the area when the first drops fell🥴 Ik keek eens naar de lucht en zag dikke donkere wolken, die niet veel goeds voorspelden🥴 Maar….. above sea (we live not so crazy far from the sea) I saw the blue sky. So... get back in the car. Well, how lucky I was.. Hardly had I closed the car door or a true cloud burst fell down 😅 Car on and go.... Monster I'm coming (monster is a place by the sea) this had some feet in the earth, by a road deposition🥴. Kris scratch through the Westland I ended up at the sea. What a wonderful weather there, sun and sea a beautiful combination 😍 and beautiful clouds! The walk also yielded some pictures 📷 At the beach is always what to see, shells, waves. Also the lifeguards were there, to protect the people who are in the sea. Kiters and surfers, it was great weather for finally 😊 To my surprise, I also found a Happy Stone. A beautiful blue, full of love. I reported this on the corresponding Facebook page 😍😍 All in all, it was another Sunday to pass through a ring 💋 #beachwalk #photography #sundays #ILOVEIT ❤️
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Master of the dark arts, using necrotic forbidden magic to raise the dead. On the opposite spectrum of Holy magic necromancy and blood magic is frowned upon by any magic wielder. Mostly practiced in remote places where it is not seen, this almost uncontrollable school of magic is unpredictable and can bring things back to life which is better left dead. Bending the will of the dead to create armies to fight for you and inflict deadly diseases upon others. This necromancer has mastered it’s art and has even become undead himself. #drawings