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Today we celebrate the day of liberation.
Maybe I'll bring you a story with a little “double bottom.”
in our current not so obvious experience of “freedom”.
Now I do not want to injustice our 75-year liberation in World War II, let alone trivialize!
And of course I express my opinion, no one has to agree with that.
I like to enter into dialogue, for those who feel the need.

I want to make the connection, in how important it is to have and to experience freedom!
The experience of what have we understood, felt, and what have we learned from it, or perhaps do we now see in a different perspective?

Today we celebrate liberation and embrace hope.
And when I move that as a starting point to now... I embrace the freedom of hope.
I hope that we will soon have more clarity so that we can and dare to embrace the hope of putting our shoulders back on it. To be rebuilt, reconnected... to (be) life again.
To embrace life and health again... in freedom.

And to appreciate that, so that we always appreciate those who fought for our freedom! Because we may now feel better about how 'infreedom' can limit and contain your life. For whatever charity.
Perhaps it is more about learning to align the goals so that one does not have to mean the other his' freedom '.

That we can and continue to occupy our history of being 'tollerant', everyone can and much/express the freedom of one's own opinion. The conversation, the value of each other is a sign of maturity and respect. You may find anything from something /about something or something. Just all these differences and the different 'look-up' can be very liberating and enlightening and perhaps even enlightening. At least you can form an opinion on the basis of a number of dialogues/thoughts. That is better than not to have any choice in mind because you can only check it against what can/may/permised/desired.

For these forms of freedom many fought 75 years ago,
even left the life to guarantee those freedoms.
Let us honor their thoughts and stand for them.
We have to do it together... this too.
Take care of yourself... and each other!

Knuff MJ

Ultimate Freedom/Haiku