Uncle Roon and Soofje in print

And then comes the long-awaited message that they have arrived, so on the way to see the result in real life. And frankly, the printed version is much more beautiful than the screen version. The first pile has already gone out the door.
Do you want to see how beautiful it has become? Of course you want to!
The booklet costs only ten euros plus shipping costs. Let's hear where we can send it. And if you're really fast: the first buyer gets the copy for 7,50 euros plus shipping costs. You won't let an opportunity like that, will you?

But there's more news. Of course there's more news. Because there are already busy writing and drawing on a next project. And the bar immediately rises a lot higher, because it's going to be a very dark story. Whatever it is, we'll keep a secret for a while. Well, as faithful Yoors followers, you may know: it includes a pirate and an opera. And no, that's not Uncle Roon this time.

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