Believe it or not, I had already gone through my entire comic book collection at least twice, updated all my search lists. I had already sorted all the books once by draughtsman and once by comic book hero. Luckily Luc came occasionally who discovered that you can also play with Lego without a screen. At an appropriate distance from each other, we built one piece of art after another.

And speaking of works of art, the number of well-intentioned artistic experiments by my dear buuv Annie wasn't really devoted to me. And cousin Eef came to coffee a little too often. now his gallery was closed. The coffee was not to drag. Soofje seemed to disappear from the face of the earth.

Just as the courage started to sink in my shoes a little bit, a message came out that made my day all right. And of course I had to share that with my friends.

“I'm going with you”, Soofje immediately told me, and looked at him with a funny smile. Which puts something in her shield, I thought... I didn't think about it for a long time because I had to move on to the next one to tell the good news.

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